From my peripheral view, I could see him moving, indicating he's awake and I muttered Alhumdulillah. He raised his hands in the air, and very slowly moved to sit back. My heartbeats quickened and my hands turned clammy, wondering as to how he will react on seeing me here.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his head in his hands making me look at him.

"H-how are-are you?" I asked and he stilled. Very slowly he raised his head to look at me and his eyes widened a little, but within a few seconds his expression was back to normal, almost being bored, and shaking his head he turned around, grabbed a glass of water kept next to the bed, and gulped down in one go.

By now I thought that I will faint with the way my heart was beating. I frowned at his reaction, as he stood up and went inside the washroom, without even looking at me.

"Am I invisible? Or he knew that I am here? Or worse he just ignored me?" I muttered keeping my hand on my chest in order to calm it down.

"Calm down heart. He didnt even acknowledge your presence. Huh. As if I care" I said to myself patting my heart.

"Where is Yazan?" came aunty's voice, and I looked up to find her standing at the door with a big tray in her hand probably brunch for her beloved-handsome-annoying son.

"He just went in the washroom" I said pointing to the door and returned to eating apples. She came forward and kept the tray on the side table.

"So you haven't finished that yet?" she asked keeping her hands on her waist glaring at me.

"Its the last one aunty" I said picking up the last piece and popped it in my mouth as she tried to hide her smile.

"Good girl" she said and took the bowl from my hands keeping it on the side table.

"Now you'll eat with Yazan and then will go to sleep." she said patting my cheek as my eyes widened.

"I just ate aunty" I said pointing towards the now empty bowl and she shook her head.

"What? One apple? Yeah right. I have brought breakfast for you. And you have to eat and then you will rest"

"Who are you talking to mamma?" came Yazan's voice as I saw him coming out of the bathroom wiping his face with the towel.

"Oh my son-" aunty almost cried and ran towards him and pulled him in a hug.

"How are you beta? How is your fever? Are you feeling alright? You are looking so weak. Dont stand, come sit. I have brought breakfast for you" she rambled cupping his cheeks and he smiled and pulled her cheeks, in order to stop her. I kept looking at the scene being unfolded infront of me.

"Ammi, calm down. I am fine. I dont have fever either." he said pulling her in a hug again.

"You scared us. Dont ever do that again" she said, her voice coming out muffled as I saw her wiping away her tears secretly.

We were on the verge of losing him.

Uncle's words suddenly rang in my ears, making me look away, as my heart clenched at the thought of something happening to him.

"By the way, who were you talking to? Huh. Dont tell me you were talking to yourself" he suddenly asked making me frown.

Aunty made a face and then slowly pointed towards me and he turned to look where I was sitting. He looked at me confused and then as if dawning on him, his eyes widened. His head then jerked towards his mother and he held her by her shoulders.

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