"Look beta, I dont know what happened, but what I know is that he is guilty. I dont know if its his mistake, but if it is..believe me, he is much guilty as anyone can be. Fifteen years ago, I have seen him, day in and day out, struggling with his life, crying, trying to move on.

It wasnt easy for any of us. I lost my brother-" his voice cracked here and he stopped for a moment regaining his strength and then taking a deep breath, he continued, as I looked down, hearing his words of wisdom,

"I lost my baby brother, we all were affected, but he was affected the most. He was still a kid and the events took a toll on him, affecting his health. He was so lost and depressed that we were on the verge of losing him" my head snapped towards him as a tear rolled down his face and he immediately wiped it away.

He never told me that.

"But then Allah granted our wishes and he lived. Sarah, he is the most loving boy I know, he is caring, gives respect to everyone. And I am not saying all this because he is my son. But I have seen today's generation and he is different.

If he has done something to hurt you, please understand that he never intentionally did it. With time he had healed, and he was happy with us, but believe me, after you came, he was happier. I have seen it in his eyes, that he cares for you a lot, and as much as it is awkward for me to say, he loves you a lot.

I have seen him these days, going through the same thing he happened to feel in his past. Whatever mistake he did, he has been suffering for it every minute" he looked at me with sad eyes and gestured for me to walk.

"I know you have been through a lot too, and you must be thinking that I am being selfish, but believe me I am not thinking only about my son here. The day you married to my son, I brought you here as my daughter, and I want what's best for you both. And I know that the best is in you both being together.

I am not asking you to forgive him outright, if he has done a mistake, he should suffer the consequences. All I am asking from you is to try. Just try to make it work" he said as we reached the room and he made me sit on the bed.

"So will you promise me that you will try your best?" he asked keeping his hand on my head and I nodded as a lone tear fell from my eye. He patted my head and left telling me to finish the fruit.

Didn't he understand that I am trying? What in the world would I be doing here, sitting in this house, next to him, worrying for him? I am trying and Allah knows that. He knows how much I have been trying to convince myself to just forget everything. He knows how much I care for him. He knows how much I love him.

As these thoughts ran into my mind, I couldn't help but burst out crying, as I covered my face with my hands and tried to stop the sounds of the sobs. A few minutes later, my sobs died down and I wiped away the traces of the tears, them not being something alien to me, but a part of my daily routine.

Resting my head on the headboard, I now sat next to my sleeping husband, and munched on the apples. Reaching forward, I kept my hand on his forehead to check the fever, and Alhumdulillah it had gone down. His forehead was full of worry lines and I couldnt remove my hand, instead straightened them, as his face relaxed.

My hand then found its way in his hair, and the soft and silky touch did calm my nerves, as I kept running my hand in his hair slowly. A few seconds later he stirred in his sleep making me, pull back my hand immediately and I sat straight looking ahead.

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