chapter 1

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Rosie pov:

A knock on the door woke me up from my small nap. Probably my parents came back from work. I wiped my teary face as I planned on not saying whatever happened in the morning because they would be worried and go to the village soldier's that could bring unwanted attention to me. Even complained also he looked pretty wealthy so he could easily get out from the charges. Another knock on door interrupted me. I quickly went and opened the door.When I opened the door I didn't expect to see the king and Queen standing inside their small living room. I looked at my father who came and stood next to me. My mother was no where to be seen.

"Rosie, the king and Queen would like to speak with you", my father said warily not meeting my gaze. What was happening? why the king and Queen liked to talk with me. I slowly nodded at him and turned towards the Royals. The king and Queen looked at each other then the King nodded at the Queen. The Queen walked towards me and held my hand in hers. She looked at me her beautiful green eyes held sadness and worry. She squeezed my hand.

"We are hear to ask a favor from you for the welfare of our kingdom. We are left with no choice if we had powers we could have never let this to happen. You would have heard about the attacks on our kingdom the only way to protect out kingdom is to seek help from the werewolf king. He have accepted to help us but in the exchange he can marry anyone from the kingdom", the Queen said to me holding my gaze. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. I was very confused about it why was she saying it all to her. I heard about the recent kidnapping and murder in the village. It was good that the werewolf king is helping us. I removed my hands from her taking a step back. I didn't know what but I know for sure whatever she is going to say next is not going to happen nice. The Queen opened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly asking me to understand her situation like she didn't have any other choice. I nodded at her to continue further.

"And the girl he choosed is you, Rosie. He demanded to marry you in order to protect the kingdom. It is you only you who can save people of the kingdom from the witches, please we beg you to accept this proposal. If you reject the proposal then the wolf king will not help us, people in the kingdom will be killed by the witches please help us", the Queen pleaded to me tears rolled on her cheeks as she again held my hand. I didn't know how to react or what to say. The news shocked me to my core. Seeing the king and Queen standing pleading to me to help them.

I looked at my father standing next to me with the same expression as the Royals. I stood there trying to process all their words. Now the destiny of the kingdom was depended on my decision if i accepted to marry the king people will be saved from the witches or if i refused then all the people will be slaughtered mercilessly. I can't be so selfish to just think about myself. I can't let people die because of my own selfishness. I looked at the people surrounding me waiting for my answer with baited breath. I closed my eyes as I made my decision.

"I agree to get married", I whispered softly as I looked down to hide my tears. They informed that the wedding was tomorrow that i had to go with them now. Still my mother was not present i tired to ask my father about it but he said she will come to the wedding. I hugged my father one last time. I left with them in their carriage to the palace.

The wedding was tomorrow so there was no much time for preparation. I was sent to a room to take rest. Inside the room i was feed and took a night bath. When my heat hit the pillow i was out like a light.

Morning came soon, the maids we're rushing here and there to get everything done. Four made came towards me and lead me to the bathroom. After four hours of hustle bustle i was ready as a new bride. My wedding dress is white in colour and it was Cinderella styled gown. My hair was tied up in a beautiful bun and my makeup minimal. Everything was happening in a blur i couldn't think straight.

After an hour, i was taken to the church where the wedding takes place. I was just wishing to see my parents I missed my mom as i couldn't see her last night. Just as i was entering i saw my mom and dad standing outside waiting for me. Holding my gown in my hand i rushed towards them. I hugged both of them sobbing softly. I didn't care if my makeup or my hair ruin. It was like the situation dawning on me.

Soon the given time was over, the time for the wedding started. What happened next was like a blur. My father walked me down the aisle and gave my hand to the stranger. His warm hand enclosed my cold one. I didn't dare to look up I kept my gaze down. His hand still holding mine pulled me closer.

The priest started the wedding, my eyes burned with unshed tears. This was it i was going to get married. I always dreamed of marrying the person who will love me and care for me as much as I do him not with a stranger. A stranger that i don't even know his name. Will i ever love him or will he ever? Will he be loving and caring or harsh and rude? A hard squeeze on my hand bought me back to reality it was my time to say my vows.

"Do you take His mighty Highness King Edward black knight to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death you do part,
according to God's holy law", priest asked me with his voice firm and kind

"I do", I whispered softly closing my eyes while tears rolled on my cheeks.
We were given rings to exchange. I slide the ring in his finger with my trembling hands. He slipped the ring on my finger. Still holding my hand he turned us towards the priest.

" With the power give to me I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride", the priest said. I felt him pull me closer to him. He removed my veil and tilted my chin towards him. Not willing to see him i closed my eyes. I felt his warm lips on mine as he kissed me making me his wife. Cheers and applause was heard. He slowly pulled away from me mustering my courage I opened my eyes to see him.

A shocked gasp left me as I saw who was it. He was none other than the same stranger who came in to my house and harassed me but the stranger is my husband now. I don't know what wicked game is the god playing.


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