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It was expected that he would jump up on the grinding rail with his skate board and successfully skate on it. A perfect trick with no flaws. What wasn't expected was for him to mess up and somehow be falling off. "Ah!" He lets out a little yelp of surprise. Closing his eyes for impact. Awaiting the hard concrete below to scrape up his entire body, that he didn't bother to protect with a helmet and padding.

The impact doesn't come though. Or at least, not one as hard as he was expecting. It was softer, and there was a groan from underneath him. Beautiful emerald green eyes stare down at bright crystal blue ones. They seem to stare at one another for a long time before the one with blue eyes blinks and shakes his head. "You could at least take me on a date first. Geez, you are just diving straight on in aren't ya?" He says as he wiggles out from underneath him.

The green eyed boy rolls his eyes. "Oh please, I'm not like that," he says in what could be an offended voice. He sits up also and holds his hand out. "My name is Harry, Harry Styles. And you are?" Louis shakes his hand and winces as he sits up a bit more. His back starting to hurt from the fall.

"'M Louis Tomlinson," He says simply. His voice drowning with a feathery British accent. Harry instantly decides that he likes the sound of his voice. Compared to his deep British accent and tone of voice, Louis already looks small. He likes small.

After a few minutes of just looking at one another, Harry sighs. "Well, I just fell on top of you and nearly crushed every bone in your upper body. Should I repay it to you by taking you out and getting you something to eat? Or should we go to my place where I can cook and we can talk?" Harry knows he's being quite forward, but honestly what are his chances of seeing this lovely boy again? Slim to none in the big town of London, England. Besides, isn't the saying 'go big or go home'? He feels like he should go big on being forward. It just seems right to him.

Louis raises his left eyebrow at him and smirks. "You're quick aren't you? Alright. I'll come to your house weird stranger with burnt curly fries covering your head. I don't have a car though, so if you have one I'm riding with you, if you don't then we'll walk there together," Louis states as he slowly stands up, picking up his skateboard along the way.

"Looks like we'll be walking then," Harry says with a shrug of his shoulders. With that the two of them walk down the sidewalk, Louis occasionally wincing and having to stop for a couple of seconds because of the pain.

The flat is not what Louis expects at all. It's more like a huge pent house. With beautifully furnished rooms and expensive paintings everywhere. It is not what he thought he would be seeing. This man seems to be completely filthy rich. Luxuries everywhere in the room. He wants to wander down the hall and Harry seems to notice it. "I'll give you a tour after lunch, but first I would like to speak to you. Is that okay with you?" Harry hums as he walks into a large kitchen.

It has a large island taking up much room, with a blue and grey marble counter top. A bowl of bananas, apples, and oranges sit in the middle of the counter. There's a large silver fridge with a stove to match it on one wall. A nice microwave sits on a counter next to the sink on the same wall. Cabinets are lined up above and below the items, holding plenty of room for silverware, dishes, and pots and pans.

Louis stares at it in awe as his eyes drink in the sight before him. "It's so big," Louis says with large eyes. Harry chuckles and ducks his head down, murmuring a 'that's what they all say'. Louis clearly hears him and rolls his eyes. "I might be gay, but I ain't no submissive. I give, not receive," He says in a sassy tone, causing the opposite to widen his eyes in surprise. That was, not expected. Like, really straight forward.

A smirk pulls on Harry's lips though and he raises his eyebrows at the boy in front of of him. "BDSM life, yea? Well I'm a dominate too." Harry crosses his arms and leans against the marble counter behind him. Louis widens his eyes also, looking at him with surprise evident in his features.

"Well then. This just took a giant leap over the steps of getting to know one another," Louis shakes his head and just smiles back.

"You know, you look like you would make an amazing submissive," Harry nods his head while speaking these words. Eyes skimming over the blue eyed boy's small frame. He honestly doesn't look like someone that would be a dominate. Looks more submissive than anything really.

The smaller boy scoffs in offense. "Well I would never be anyone's sub you asshat," Louis purses his lips and squints his eyes at him. Daring him to go any further than he has already.

A challenge. Harry likes challenges. "Well I bet I could change that," Harry says with a glint in his eyes. He's enjoying this already.

"Hmm?" Louis hums in confusion. This is not something he expected to be hearing today, at all.

"Alright make you a deal. If I can break you before summer ends, I get to keep you. If you don't break before I get bored with you, then you're aloud to do anything you want with me," Harry proposes as he stands up a bit straighter, head held high in a dominate way. He knows that he's being very forward. He just met this boy less than an hour ago. But there's something about him that he can't quite place his finger on, and the chance for a challenge excites him.

"Well, might as well give up now and get on your knees, because your going to be my new submissive soon," Louis says cockily.

"Doubt it," Harry fires back.

"Well get ready to punish me Mr Styles," Louis says with a smirk. Translation is 'I'm quite rebellious and your not making me a submissive.'

The curly haired boy just smiles innocently. "Now, how about that food, hmm?" He says while getting out ingredients.

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