Gotcha back

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Jay: hey beautiful, I just wanted to make you start your day with that adorable smile by reading a text from your girlfriend

I couldn't help but blush and smile as I read her text. I still can't believe I am dating a girl...

After I got dressed I got Aaron dressed.

"This will be a good day . I have on cream orange."

I smiled at Aaron and watched him eat breakfast. After Aaron left I got a text

Jay: hi babe I'm on my way to pick you up

I smiled finishing getting ready. I love that she picks me up.

I heard a knocked on the door and leaped over to it and opened to door to be pulled into a warm hug

"Hey beautiful" she smiled before pecking my lips

"Hi" I blushed looking up at her

"Too soon?" She asked getting shy

"No no it's ok " I said before kissing her.

Her hands slid to my waist kissing back.

I pulled away and watched her as she looked down at her phone trying to cover up the fact that she was blushing like crazy

"Damn, I came a little late I guess we can go to a drive thru and get some breakfast."

"Fine with me" I said looking in the full body mirror and fixing my flowery skirt then I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I giggled as she took a few pics of us in the mirror before stoping and grabbing my bookbag.

"Come on let's go beautiful" she said holding my hand and escorting me to the car after I locked the house door.

We sung at the top of our lungs horrible to 'Problem' by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy. Making each other laugh then we pulled up in McDonald's drive-thru.

"What do you want baby?" She asked looking at the breakfast menu.

"Hmmm the hot cakes and some sausage"

"Hotcakes and sausage for my baby cakes" she said to the drive-thru machine before looking over at me and chuckling when I blushed
"You're so corny baby"
"And ...uh lemme get the same thing and 2 apple juices"

She pulled up to the window and before I opened my little purse she paid for both of us.

I pouted

"Next time I'm paying baby" I said crossing my arms.

She pecked my lips before getting our food and driving off.

"It's fine babe I can pay for you.."

"Noooo it makes me feel like I'm making you do everything" I said opening my food when she parked in the parking lot

"Well your not . I'm paying for you because I want to"

"But I'm paying next time... for both of us."

She poured syrup on her hot cakes and smiles at me. "your so beautiful" she said before taking her first bite

"Whatever" I pouted before taking mine because I knew she was just trying to distract me from the subject.

"....Fineeee, you can pay next time"

"Aww!" My friends squealed when i told them jay was staying at my house for the weekend to help me watch my brother.

"Oooo wait that is not no 'aww' I heard jay is trying to do some slick shit" Nadia said playfully

"We'll be good" I giggled blushing

"No promises" jay smirked before eating fries off of my tray

"Hey those are mine ! You have a tray" I giggled slapping her hand and she pouted until I fed her another fry , then she pecked my lips.

"I swear y'all need to stop cupcaking cause I'm jealous" Nadia joked.

"I'm sorry she's too cute" she said resting her hands on my waist.

I couldn't help but smile.

"Don't we need to pick up your brother or something?"

"No that would mess up his order and you know how he feels about that" I sighed leaning on her .

Nadia smiled "ya'll just met but it seems like you two have been together forever"

That comment was bitter sweet. I fake smiled but inside I started to really think about what she said.

Are we moving too fast?
She literally just moved here and I'm already her gf ... She's basically a complete stranger to me. I don't wanna end up like one of those cheesy lesbian love stories off of wattpad that basically is Years worth of relationship in one chapter.
(I decided to become a wattpad reader it might help me with jay)

"What's wrong beautiful?" Jay asked holding my waist and snapping me out of my thoughts .

"Nothing , I just wanna go to the bathroom before class" I said pushing my feelings aside.

"Well alright let's go then" she said throwing away our trays. "Bye guys she said as I walked ahead still deep in thought.

"Do you really do this everyday ?" Jay exclaimed in awe watching me reapply my eyeliner after brushing my hair and putting it back into it's bun.

"Of course" I smiled proudly "I have to keep my appearance up" I said sweeping shimmering blush across my cheeks.

She grabbed my waist pulling me to stand in between her legs
"Jay.." I protested but she cut me off
"I would never understand why someone as beautiful as you are worried about things like this, they might enhance your beauty but it can never replace the natural beauty you have, you're gorgeous" she said looking into my eyes with an attraction that I could not pull away from.

We kissed softly and she pulled away and smiled at me before grabbing my butt with both hands
"Gotcha back" she smirked .

How am I suppose to take it slow while she spends the night this weekend ?

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