Chapter 4

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"There is no way I am letting you spank me!"

Poseidon gazed down at his son, sternly yet regaining some of his patience. He had been somewhat expecting this type of reaction from Percy, because he seriously doubted anybody had ever given the boy a good spanking.

"I am not asking you for your permission, Perseus. I am informing you that I will be spanking you and that is the end of the discussion. Stand up." Poseidon replied in a deadly-calm tone which threatened to send the boy overboard.

Percy shook his head violently and pushed himself farther back on his bed until his back touched the wall. "NO! You can't do that! I'm sixteen not six! Dad, this is ridiculous and embarrassing to even contemplate."

"Your behavior is ridiculous and embarrassing to contemplate!" Poseidon bellowed, causing Percy to freeze in the middle of his panicky tirade. "Do you know what it is to get a call on Mt. Olympus to come down to Camp Half-Blood because my little boy doesn't know how to behave?" Percy cringed at Poseidon's words. "That's embarrassing my dear boy."

"Spankings are embarrassing too..." Percy whined, looking down as his cheeks took on a blushing, red hue. Poseidon almost smiled at how adorable his son looked at the moment, but he managed to keep a straight face.

"I realize that, son. But, you have definitely earned one and I am going to deliver it to you." Before Percy could object, Poseidon said, "I don't think we should prolong this any longer. Stand up and take your jeans down or I will do it for you -and that means right this instant!"

Percy hesitated a moment. He thought his father was being completely unreasonable. Poseidon couldn't just sp- punish Percy as if he were but a small child! No, Percy was determined to make his father see reason. He glared up at Poseidon but didn't move an inch off the bed.

"No. I refuse to budge even an inch just so that you can whip me like if I was a little kid! Dad, I'm too old to be getting put across your lap for a spanking! You need to realize that, not only am I too old, but think about the embarrassment you'll cause me to feel. I won't be able to hold my head up! What kind of a father humiliates and hurts their kid that way? A heartless one. You're better than that, Dad."

"It's not your head that'll be affected, Percy." Poseidon answered calmly, almost amused. He thought Percy would have a good shot at being a lawyer someday. "The pain will wear off in a day or two; besides, it's not like I'm going to beat you."

Percy bit his lip, trying to think of another argument when he saw his dad start to move closer to him. He held his hands up as if to ward Poseidon off and was pleased when his father stopped dead in his tracks.

"Dad, no! You will not spank me, I won't let you." Percy exclaimed forcefully, all the while hoping that nobody outside was close enough to hear what was going on in here.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow at Percy. "Watch me." He closed the distance between him and his son, and grabbing Percy by his upper arm, hauled him off the bed and to stand on his feet. Percy wiggled out of his father's tight grasp and backed away a few paces, gracing Poseidon with an angry glower.

"Percy, come here right now. I am through playing games with you, little boy. I am not about to go chasing you around camp or even around your cabin, for that matter! Come here now, or you will be a very sorry little boy when I get my hands on you." Poseidon warned and Percy found himself reconsidering his plan of escape. He thought it would be more humiliating if he ran from his father, only to get caught, and probably spanked in front of everyone else. He started blushing just at the thought of Annabeth witnessing that spectacle.

Again, he shook his head. "NO."

Poseidon shook his head. "Have it your way, son." He moved forward to grab Percy, but his son was ready. In a moment, all the water from inside the cabin came surging forward at one single target: Poseidon.

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