Chapter Four

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Ben stayed close to the shadows. He'd broken out in a cold sweat now, his hair sticking to his forehead in wet brown clumps. The burglars were trying to open his dad's safe. He exhaled quietly and prepared himself for the oncoming confrontation. Well, here goes.......


Kit punched in three numbers and pressed ENTER. There was a hiss of air releasing, and with a click the safe door swung open.

Grace was gobsmacked. Kit had a triumphant look on her face.

'How the hell did you do that?'

Kit smiled. 'You're not the only one around here with brains, you know. Remember how Laurie's always rabbiting on about her favourite Bible verse, John 3:16, on her idiotic televangelism programmes? Well, I already knew this safe had a three-digit system, so I just typed in 316. Simple.' She paused to see Grace's expression. It was priceless.

They turned their attention to the safe. It wasn't exactly packed full of money; only some amethyst jewellery, a photo of a young girl and about one thousand pounds in five pound notes. 'Let's take it anyway,' said Grace.

And then there was a noise.

Kit and Grace turned their heads so quickly they could've gotten whiplash.


His hands had become too sweaty and the bottle had slipped and clattered on the floor. He saw the burglars turn to look. Then within a nano-second, one of them was already charging down the corridor at him. Ben's eyes widened in terror and without thought, he hot-footed it across the hall, slipping and sliding on the tiles. His heart thumped wildly. He could hear the quick footsteps of his pursuer. Slowly, Ben's energy was dwindling. He'd never run this fast before, not even at school. With all his might he turned and lunged at the nearest exit, but to no avail. He - or she - grabbed Ben's arms and slammed him onto the floor. He wriggled and writhed as much as he could, but the weight of his pursuer was too great and finally he gave up. The burglar hauled him to his feet but before he could a emit a shout, a warm hand clamped over his mouth. Then he heard a voice.

'Get the chloroform, Kit!'

It was a female! Ben couldn't believe it. As soon as the hand left his face, a handkerchief replaced it. The fabric was wet and smelled sweet. Ben tried to stop himself from breathing but failed. Dark spots formed in his vision and soon, he was unconscious.

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