Pain within Pain

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Life lost feeling of pain an hate i am useless an alone 

sitting in a dark corner tears running down my face cold winds forming around me 

sadness of the heart a no love an yet i have a life 

that i do not want i walk in the dark wondering an waiting  for life to slowly end

nothing matters to me anymore not life not love nothing it seems all so 

tainted an lost 

i find my self wondering around in the shadows of nothingness longing for the end 

i walk to the ends of the earth an find a salvation  to end my sad life 

i look a head an see myself an my evil twin gives me a smile 

i feel the hand of death upon my shoulder 

and the crows cry as they feel a new sad soul will be taken

i walk towards my undieing end 

and fell myself fall to an endless sleep an feel cold 

death wraps me in his arms an embraces me in a loving manner 

i wake to darkness as i wonder down the winding road i hear 

silence,sadness,an nothingness 

i the pool of lost souls i lean an look upon it 

an see myself  i fall to my knees an feel a great pain 

i fall into the black waters of nothingness an feel every hurt soul grab my body 

i open my eyes an feel the sorrow pass through my body an they let go 

i rise from the water as a dark spirit an wings as black as the night 

as eyes a black as my soul i raise my head  an speak 

i am death the true death 

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