Chapter 3

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Percy nervously trudged along behind Poseidon as his father led them away from the others.

As they walked, Poseidon kept a death grip on his son's arm and Percy couldn't help but try to pull his arm free -the pressure his father was exerting on the poor boy's arm caused him slight pain -but every time Percy tried to pull away, his dad would merely scold him and pull him closer, never loosening his grip.

"Dad, you're hurting my arm." Percy commented tentatively, a slight whine creeping into his voice, unsure if his father would listen to him or if his complaint would anger him further.

Poseidon didn't give away whether he heard his son or not, save that he loosened his grip ever so slightly. He continued to stare straight ahead as he walked Percy through the camp. The boy couldn't contain his curiosity and asked,

"Where are we going?"

Poseidon didn't look at him as he answered, "To your cabin." Percy picked up on his father's mood and asked no more questions, staying as silent as he could until they arrived to the cabin designated for the sons of Poseidon. Percy hoped none of his few siblings were in there at the moment.

Releasing Percy's arm, Poseidon opened the door to the lodge and took a look around while the boy rubbed at his abused limb. Poseidon noted that nobody else was inside and he beckoned for Percy to enter, which he did nervously. Percy wasn't quite sure what to expect. He hadn't seen Poseidon look this upset in a very long while.

Once inside, Poseidon pointed to Percy's bed. "Sit." He commanded.
Percy opened his mouth to say that he was not a dog, then decided against it. He was in enough trouble already without comments. Percy sat himself on the edge of his bed while Poseidon grabbed a chair and sat facing his son.

After a long moment of father and son merely looking at each other, Poseidon exhaled a long, deep sigh, calming himself entirely. At seeing that his father was no longer livid, Percy relaxed a little, still a bit apprehensive but not quite scared. Worried though.

Poseidon tapped Percy on his knee to get him to look back up at him. "You want to explain to me what all this fighting with Clarisse is about, son?"

Percy gazed at his father with repentant green eyes. "I'm sorry about that, Dad, really I am. I don't know what Chiron told you about the fights, but it won't happen again." He promised but his father knew he was evading the question.

"I know it won't happen again, Perseus." Again with my name, dammit. "But, I didn't ask you that. I asked you to explain the situation. Don't you worry about whatever Chiron told me; as long as you tell me the truth, we should have smooth sailing."

"Don't see how it's smooth sailing if you're gonna punish me." Percy mumbled but Poseidon heard.

"If you just answer my question, with the truth of course, it will be smooth sailing because the punishment won't be so bad and you'll be able to know your fate rather quickly, son. So, if you please, explain."

Percy nodded. "You see..." He began, mumbling at the floor. "Clarisse is the shit  of the world, everyone knows that. She loves to pick on me. That's what started the first few little fights. I would make the sink go off and soak her pants or I'd control the water and make it swirl around whenever she wanted to have a drink. Then, she started messing with Annabeth too, and that's when it got serious. Every time she and Annabeth got into it, I'd get worried and want to protect her, so I'd use my powers as an advantage and actually soak Clarisse, or have a mini tsunami rain down on her cabin, or a wave carry her away..."

" first of all, you better curb your tongue. & I understand what it's like to deal with the personality of Ares. & I know why you wanted to defend Annabeth. But you have to always remember who she is, & where you are. Your powers are an advantage over battle enemies, not camp enemies. You can't do things like these to your cousin, no matter how bad she is. & You understand that?" He warned and Percy rolled his eyes.

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