Twin Direction

Chapter Three


(Holla’s POV)

“So how did it go?” Mom asked as I threw my purse on the couch. Kelsey was right behind me, smiling wide.

“Fine,” I smiled, wrapping my arm around my shorter sister.

“You guys need to ride all of our horses tomorrow.” Our step dad cut in and I nodded. I loved my step dad; he wasn’t the mean kind, thankfully.

“Can we invite people over to help?” Kelsey asked, looking hopeful.

“Sure, LA, Bailey, Sasha and Madelyn.” Mom smile, shooing us off. Kelsey and I both high fived before running to our rooms. Kelsey and I’s were right next to each other with a joined walk in closet separating us.

“WAKE UP, HOLLA, WAKE UP!” My little brother screamed at me. I groaned, grabbing him and cuddling with him. He wiggled around and I laughed, letting him go.

          Xavier is seven years old and extremely crazy. He’s our step brother and is hilarious to be around. He loves to ride horses and actually shows with Kelsey and I.

“Holla, Gemma is going to come over along with the girls.” Kelsey walked into the room, pulling her black hair into a ponytail.

“Alright,” I mumbled as Xavier waved at Kelsey. Kelsey picked him up and spun him around. Kelsey got along with Xavier and Gemma than I do. But it doesn’t bother me actually.

“Do you think we need to get ready?” Kelsey asked and I rolled my eyes. Rolling over, I fell back asleep.

(Kelsey’s POV)

          Walking downstairs, Xavier was right behind me. He begged me to let him ride with me today. I told him after breakfast and before the girls came. This seemed to satisfy him.

          The kitchen smelled like bacon and eggs and Xavier rubbed his growling stomach. He is defiantly adorable!

“Where’s Holla?” Mom asked, looking over Xavier and I.

“Asleep,” I mumbled, sitting down next to Xavier and taking a bite of bacon. I loved food. And I ate a lot of it but didn’t gain weight.

“Ugh,” My mom mumbled, going upstairs to Holla’s room. She was the hardest to wake up of all of us. Xavier and I usually woke up early and watched SpongeBob together.

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