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  Kell dreamt in color. It had always been that way. As an orphaned child, her gift of lucid dreaming was her only outlet. Kell dreamt of beautiful, exotic places, of dark cerulean waters and tangerine skies. Kell dreamt of a life away from the hole in the mud she found herself living in, if one could call it living. A beautiful young girl like her should have had a happy family around her, and security, but all Kell had was those dreams of hers.

  Like all Gypsy women, Kell possessed an unnatural beauty. The older gypsy women in the camp said she had been blessed with a gift, able to enchant the men folk as a budding teenager, with just a glance of her dark, seductive eyes. Faraway eyes, they called it, always looking ahead. Only, Kell saw her beauty as a curse, drawing unwanted attentions from a drunken group of traders, who thought the girl a gypsy whore, and had themselves a rough one, raping Kell when she fought their advances. One of the men belonged to an elder Roma, and when Kell told her what her man had done, she banished Kell from their camp. Damaged and bloodied, Kell was forced to leave in the dark of night.

  With nowhere to go, Kell found herself a ditch to sleep in, pain overwhelming her. If Lucien hadn't stumbled across her after leaving the pub, Kell would have died a lonely death, raped and forgotten. The strapping young lad found Kell in such a wretched state, his first mind told him to walk on, and leave this obvious whore to the dogs. But once Lucien saw those eyes, he felt something inside of him change. He picked up the damaged beauty and carried her in his arms to the tiny destitute flat he lived in, nursing her back to health.

  Lucien Eyes was a didicoy, half Gypsy, half Moor, orphaned as a child as well. He was a handsome lad, possessing creamy light brown skin and the darkest eyes Kell had ever seen. "Thank you. You're very kind", she said as he cleaned the mud from her bruised body with a sponge. Lucien couldn't deny that Kell was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, even covered in mud and bruised. "You're welcomed. Who did this to you, anyway?", he had asked, wanting to find them and take care of them. "It's not right, what they did to you! I ought to go find them, and make them pay!", Lucien said, upset. Kell was touched by his concern; no man had ever cared about what happened to her. "They're not worth it", she said, giving him those eyes. Lucien felt something inside of him stir. "You're worth it", he replied. "What's your name then?", he asked. "Kell", she replied. Lucien gave a half smile, trying not to eye her naked body. "Lucien Eyes here", he said. Kell smiled. "You have beautiful eyes", said Kell, drawing another smile from Lucien. "Not as beautiful as yours", he replied. "They seem so faraway."

  Lucien knew it was way too soon to be feeling the way he was, but he couldn't help himself. He found himself wanting to take care of her. Lucien watched Kell closely as she slept, noticing her tremble and shake from time to time. He knew she was probably cold, so he laid besides her in his bed, pulling up his covers and wrapping an arm around her. Lucien sniffed Kell's hair, noticing it had a sweet smell to it.

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