Part 1- Happy with You

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Clary's POV

As I walk to Jace's room I think about how happy we are. We have been dating for nearly a year while Simon is in Idris at the academy. Jace has taken me on a date each week, each date better than the last. I don't know how he is going to top last weeks one. 

He took me to dinner on a glass bottom boat that he rented out for us. We could see so many different sea creatures including Mermaids, something a year ago I didn't know existed. Our meal was takeaway from Taki's where Kaelie works, she's a faerie, a very nice one. 

As I near his door I hear him talking softly to someone. 

"Stop, you need to leave before she gets here." Jace says. Silence. Either the other person is a quiet talker or they're not answering. 

"Yes, I'm telling her tonight, calm down." He says again then nothing. I walk into the room assuming it was Izzy or Alec. It wasn't, it was Kaelie, she was kissing him. When they break apart Kaelie looks at me over Jace's shoulder with a stunned expression. I'm sure mine looked similar until I see Jace and my face morphs into despair. 

"Clary, I can exp-" His voice jolts me from my frozen state and I give him no chance to finish that explanation. I turn and run towards my room. Part of my brain tells me he'll look there first but i need my stuff. I have a bag under my bed full of clothes I might have needed so I take that and run to Izzy's room. 

Tears threatening to spill over, but I don't let them. I walk right in to Izzy's room with my bag. 

"Clary, what happened? Aren't you supposed to be with Jace?" She asks, but hearing that, my tears spilled over. "Oh Clary what did he do?"

"H-he ch-cheated on m-me" I try to say over my sobs causing the words to become broken.

"Oh wow, I didn't think he was that kind of guy, I know how it feels, you just need some time away from him. I know exactly where you should go." She tells me starting to pick up her phone.

"Wh-where?" I say as I try to get my sobbing under control. 

"Shhh, I'm on the phone." She tells me, "Hey Magnus, how soon can you get a portal ready to go to The Shadowhunter Academy?"

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