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Hi there, I'm Y/N. I was born with a rare ability. I can heal any kind of illness internal injuries or wounds with my blood. This caused me to be held hostage by a group of bandits who wants to use me for their own benefits.

I came from a clan known as the Uchiha. There's a bandit coming after me. They call themselves The Phoenix. They killed my family and abduct me. How did it start? Let's have a flashback!


My family and I came from a poor family. We can't afford a lot of things. My mother is suffering from brain cancer. It's final stage, the doctor said she don't have much time left.

Being the first child, I have to be the back bone. My dad? He left us when I was 3. Now I'm 7 years old. Attending the Ninja academy. I'm a top student, the best fighter.

I'm preparing dinner for my family as my Mom sit in the dining table watching after me. I was cutting veggies, then I accidentally cut my finger. I cried out of pain. Mom quickly got up and walk over to me. She takes my hand gently and place it in her mouth as she licks my blood clean. Then she looks better! Her skin isn't pale, she looks healthy.

Then we head over to the hospital. We check on her condition. To our surprise... The cancer is no longer there. When we get back home, she turn to me and place her hands on my shoulders "sweetie... Do not let anyone knows about this, keep it a secret. If anyone knows, you'll be the main target. I don't want anything to happen to you, so keep it a secret, okay?" She said, really gently. I look at her and nod my head.

The next day I don't have class in the academy. I played with my younger siblings. My Brother is running around, when he suddenly tripped. I run over to him to check for any injuries. He scrapes his knee and he's crying out of pain. I place my hand on his head and caress it softly "shh... It's okay... It's just a small scratch... I'll help you, 'Kay?" I said. He nod his head. I look around me to check if anyone is around.

I took out my Kunai knife and cut my finger slightly. Then I let it drip on his wound and the wound instantly heal. "woah! That's so cool" he said. I giggle and pat his head "this is our family secret. Get it?" I said, giving him a close eye smile. He nods is head and hug me. "You're the best sis" he said. I smile and hug him back. Unbeknown to us, not far from our location is the leader of a notorious bandits known as The Phoenix. "She would be a great use to us" he said and start laughing like a maniac.

It was the next day, I was rushing back home since it's starting to get late. Since my mom have recover, she can cook for us. She'll be cooking my favourite meal. But when I get home, there's silence. "Mom.... B/N? Where are you guys?" I call out, I walk to the living room and I collapse to my knees. The sight in front of me is something I wished I never have to witness. My mom and Brother is laying lifeless in the middle of the room, with blood surrounding them.

I sense someone behind me. Taking out a Kunai and I spun around to attack the intruders. But even as the strongest fighter in the Academy, I'm still nothing compare to them. They easily knock me out. That night is the same night all the Uchiha clan is massacred.

End of flashback

I never want to be used as tools like this. I have to escape. I WILL escape. I'm gonna run away from here tonight.

It was night time. The whole base is silent. "Sharingan" I whisper. My eye sight increase as I activate my dojutsu. Good... All of them is asleep.

I took out my hairpin and start picking on the lock. Once I succeed opening the gate, I carefully open it. Making sure it didn't make a squeaky sound.

I let a breath out of relief when I manage to open it without sound. I quickly make a run for it, without looking back.

I keep running and running. Ignoring the aching in my legs from running for 2 days straight. I'm scared... If I stop just for a second. Those bandits would come and take me back. I refuse to go back. I refuse to be their tool just to fulfil their selfish desire. These three years they kept me in prison, they always came with an injured member and they always cut me to get my blood to heal their injured member.

After a while, I'm finally able to see the gate of the village where I originally came from. I can see the two shinobi guarding the gate. "Help!!" I scream as loud as my strength could let me.

They notice me and start running after me. I collapse as exhaustion is eating me out. Then I feel myself being carried. "Shh... You're safe now. Get some rest" a voice said, I assume it's one of them. Then everything turns black.

When I woke up, I realise I'm laying in a hospital bed. I try getting up, only to fall back with an intense pain on my head.

"Easy there, you just wake up" someone said. I turn to see a guy I know. "Kakashi?" I said. He looks at me confused "how did you know my name?" He said. "It's me... Uchiha Y/N" I said. His eyes widened "impossible... The only survivor is Sasuke" he said. "What do you mean?" I asks. "The Uchiha clan has been massacre by Uchiha Itachi" he said. "W-what?" I asks. I start crying, everyone is gone? It can't be happening. Kakashi pulled me into a hug.

After a while I finally calmed and he pulled away. "How are you still alive? Where have you been all these years?" He asks. "My family isn't killed by Itachi-Nii. They were killed by a group of bandits called Phoenix. They killed my family to abduct me. They want something from me" I said, looking down. "What is it?" He asks. I look up at him, then I look back down "I... can't tell you" I said. I'm glad he didn't ask any further.

Kakashi took me to see the Hokage. The Hokage offered me a place to stay, under one condition. I have to attend the academy and be a ninja to earn my own income. I agree and he gave me a key. He was shocked as well after knowing I'm an Uchiha. After a little bit more of talking, he let me leave after informing that I'll be starting at the academy tomorrow. I bow and leave the office. Then I start making my way to my new apartment.

I head over to my apartment and open the door. I'm still tired from all the journey. So I'm going to bed. I laid on my bed after I change my clothes to my pyjamas. Instantly I fall asleep.

*to be continued*

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