Part 7: Lies

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Lavanya was clearly taking  advantage of ASR's weakness. Her smile vanished when she saw his calm face. She frowned. Seconds ago he was angry and now he is calm. It was quite weird.

Didn't my words affect him?

"Go on Miss.Lavanya Kashyap" Arnav said in a calm tone.

"Huh?" Lavanya asked.

"You want to tell my wife and my sister about the truth. Go on. I am not stopping you" Arnav said. Lavanya was shocked would be an understatement.

"They wont be able to tolerate that truth Arnav. I hope you realize that. Especially your Di. And what about your wife. What will happen to her when she gets to know how her husband used to treat her before? What.." Arnav cut her in middle.

"Why are you so concerned about my wife and my sister when I have no problem with you telling the truth to them? Go and tell" Arnav said folding his arms.

Arnav knew that Lavanya was trying to blackmail him. He knew she won't do anything of that sort because that would just cause harm to her. The ball was in his court now. He knew that the situation will be tough to handle when Di and Khushi get to know the truth, but at least he didn't have to bow before Lavanya. Marrying Lavanya was the last thing he ever imagined.

"I knew that you would be a tough nut to crack." Lavanya said with a winning smirk.


Everyone was getting tensed. What was happening in RM? All were in a confused state. Shyam was hoping that Lavanya did her work. Khushi was trying to be normal. Her breath hitched when she saw them coming down together. She gulped her throat. Lavanya eye signalled Shyam that their plan worked. Arnav's eyes met Khushi's. He never felt so helpless.

"Chotte, please clear this misunderstanding. What's going on?"

Arnav's gaze was still fixed on Khushi. Why did he always have to hurt her? How he wished he could change the situation! Every time, Khushi was the one who suffered for his deeds. Even this time! Did he deserve her forgiveness? Not at all.

"Lavanya and I love each other" he lied. Shyam's smile became wider. Others gasped in shock. Arnav didn't fail to notice that lone tear which fell from Khushi's eyes. She had expected this, didn't she? But she had not heard it from his mouth and today he himself cleared it. Nani was giving murderous glares to Lavanya and Arnav.

"Chotte, do you think marriage is a game? What is all this? You married Khushi bitiya without our consent and now you say you love Lavanya? What's going on? Before, you broke up with Lavanya and now after marrying Khushi bitiya you say you love Lavanya. What's happening?" Nani asked angrily. She was feeling bad for Khushi.

"Yeah chotte, Nani is right. What's wrong with you? Why are you playing with two girls? At first Lavanya, and now Khushi! Do you know the meaning of marriage? How would you? You don't even believe in marriages! " Anjali said sarcastically.

Payal was watching all this silently. She was so damn confused with whatever was happening.

"Hello hi bye byewa! If you loved miss Kasyap, then bhy did you marry Phatee..I mean Khushi? That too for 6 months" Mami asked.

Arnav looked at Khushi , whereas his mind took him back to the past, when he forcefully pulled her to the temple. She was struggling to get out of his holds, but he didn't listen to her pleads, and instead used Payal as a pawn, to marry her. He remembered her eyes spitting fire at him when he tied the mangalsutra on her neck and covered her partition with the red vermilion. He didn't realize when his eyes became moist. Why did he have to punish her always? Why did he believe Shyam even without trying to know the entire truth? Even today after knowing the truth, he didn't give her anything but pain.

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