Chapter Six-"Yeah that makes a lot more sense, he's a crazy cat feeder"

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~Dedicated to all those who soared over the moon for your first date~

Chapter Six-"Yeah that makes a lot more sense, he's a crazy cat feeder"

You know when you walk into school and everyone just turns, their eyes gazing up at you? Well that was happening to me right now. I felt like a superstar, like I had just stepped out of a magazine, a queen, where everyone admires and girls look at you with envy. I licked my lips, pushed back my blonde waves and walked down the hallway, not making eye contact with anyone.

Yes, you Vivienne Lanter are one hot little girl.

I heard a few girls whispering as I neared my locker, their eyes fixed solely on me as I turned the combination, swinging the metal door open and digging around for my books. As I focused on finding my Chemistry book, I heard a girly voice speaking to me, well about me more like it.

"Is that the girl Matt was dared to take to The Dance?"

I turned my attention to the black haired girl, as she spoke easily to the brunette girl who replied, "No, it can’t be."

My jaw dropped, did they really think I was some new girl? I was about to say something when I heard a deep voice behind me.

"Viv," Dave greeted, as he slid easily in front of me.

I couldn’t help the blush that crept onto my cheeks, "Dave…hi."

"You know last night you didn’t get to dance with me," Dave began with a smile, "so I was thinking that maybe this weekend we go to the movies this weekend?"

I frowned, "But you don’t dance at…" it clicked suddenly, Dave was asking me out on a date, "Oh! I mean yeah…I uh, would love to go to the movies."

Dave grinned at me, "Great, we’ll talk later?"

I nodded numbly, a goofy smile stretching across my lips. I watched Dave as he walked away and sighed. I was so going to love becoming popular.

Juliet was the first person that I told about Dave. We were in the music room because there was no way that I was going to sit in the cafeteria telling her about my excitement with everyone watching. I needed privacy, and the music room was exactly where I found it. Juliet’s hair was pulled up into a long red braid, her bangs were clipped back for once and she wore simple jeans and a white flowery shirt, but even so, she looked good.

Even without my glasses and the ugly clothes, I still didn’t feel as confident as I should have been. I didn’t know why, but it still felt as though people were talking about me behind my back, that they were still laughing at me and mocking me when I wasn’t looking. I couldn’t help it, but my ego was low and in serious need of some help. Juliet luckily for me, was the person who could help.

"Do you know Dave Peterson?" I asked her.

"I do," Juliet grinned, "he’s the de toute beautè boy that swims."

I nodded, "Well…he asked me out on a date!"

Juliet shrieked, "Finally!"

My lips widened into a smile, "I know right? A date, me going out on a-"

I stopped. I was going on a date with Dave Peterson who probably has kissed girls before and thought that I knew how to behave in society. I, Vivienne Lanter the VL senior who still didn’t know how to kiss was going on a date with a guy who probably expected to kiss me. I gulped. Not only would he expect to kiss me but he would also expect me to know what to do on a date. Oh dear God help me.

"Lanter," Sean greeted as I stepped out of school.

I sighed, "Yeah?"

"Someone’s not in a good mood," he replied with a smirk.

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