Chapter 10: Above the Waves

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The thing Eve noticed most in Alqualondë was the water. Be it crashing waves or splashing fountains, or even the spray of the sea in the air upon her face, there was water. The buildings stood constructed of pearl and white marble, with grey stones on the ground inlaid with sapphires. Alqualondë was immeasurably large from her perspective, built back into the mountains and all along the coast. At the sea were thousands of docks. A true haven for fisherman and sailors.

Findaráto led them onward, up a great many steps that wound between various towers and over covered walkways. Eve couldn't speak; words failed her. She had thought Tirion beautiful in the golden morning, but Alqualondë in the silver night left her speechless. Findekáno walked next to her and watched the pure, childlike wonder on her face. He smiled in response.

After thirty minutes of climbing, Findaráto arrived at a grand courtyard above the waves. At the end of the courtyard, massive double white wood doors stood, leading into a hall half inside the mountain.

"Welcome to the palace at Alqualondë." Findaráto turned and gestured to the doors. "I ask that you let me do the talking, Eve. At least until King Olwë hears of what has happened."

Eve nodded immediately, refusing to speak even then. Findekáno and Findaráto went inside, the doors opened apparently by an unseen elf. The inside of the hall was lit with many white fires, and the area open to the sky was filled with some type of elvish glass, allowing for light to filter in. At the end sat two thrones, both made of smooth pearl and ivory, with blue cushions upon the seats. Neither sat occupied.

"My grandfather, King Olwë, is likely out on the balcony with my mother and Lady Anairë," Findaráto told them. "Follow me!"

They did as he asked, turning left to go down the first hallway. It didn't go very far and before long turned left again. It opened out onto a massive balcony of marble, the sky far above and the sea down below. On lounging couches sat several people.

At Findaráto's arrival, a male with shoulder length silver hair and a circlet of silver to match waved with a grin. "Findaráto!"

Everyone who had been seated turned in surprise. But Findaráto merely smiled and bowed to each. "Mother. Uncles. Grandfather. Grandmother. Lady Anairë."

"Findo!" A woman, with light silvery hair smiled wide and stood, placed her glass of wine on a glass table and rushed over to him. "What has brought you here." She finished her hug and smiled gently at the other two. "Hello, Findekáno."

A dark haired maiden had already leapt to her feet and embraced the other dark haired elf. "What has brought you and your friends here, Finno?"

Findekáno and Findaráto exchanged glances. Eve shuffled awkwardly where she stood behind them, twirling her auburn hair between her fingers.

Findaráto sighed. "We have a strange tale to tell. We ask that you hear us out before you deny us."

"What do you mean, Findo?" A tall elf with shining dark grey hair stood and walked to them. His circlet was intricately designed. "What could you possibly have to say that we would deny?"

Findo, Finno, and Eve exchanged humorous looks. But Findaráto continued simply. "This is Eve. You know of the secret Lord Manwë told the royal families, of the Secondborn who will someday come?" He paused as they all nodded. He went on to explain what had happened, Findekáno jumping in and sharing his personal experience with her waking up.

"She hit me." Finno smirked at Eve as she hid behind her hands.

"I didn't know!" She found herself nearly laughing from the strangeness of it all. "I said I'm sorry!"

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