Eyes On Her

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Part 7-

You jump in the shower after sending that text to Demi, do what you normally do, turn the shower off wrapping the towel around your body and walking into you're bedroom sitting on your bed grabbing your phone playing some drake songs when opening twitter and tweeted

"@Lovatic_Fucker: date with the most beautiful lady alive soon #scared 😘"

You put your phone down and start dying your hair after it's dyed you sit looking into the mirror wondering what to do, you pull your curling wond out and curled it all, bring all your hair to the left hand side clipping it all in place before spraying hairspray keeping it in place. Then walking over to your clothes not knowing what to wear you want to look nice but not overly dressed.

After 2o minutes for standing there you go with a deep blue dress that falls over your knees and grabbing In all the right places, you throw your high black heels on. Running downstairs trying not to fall down them at the same time. Getting your purse, phone and car keys before heading out the door. Jumping into your car looking at the address Demi send you before driving off, you turn the music up because it was Demi Lovato stay.

You pull up outside the address, seat in the car getting your breathing together before sliding out the door and knocking on.

Knock knock

You hear on the other side of the door some girls voice saying

"Demi your date is here remember the condoms" they say laughing their head off before opening the door

"H-hi.. I'm Y/N is Demi ready yet" with a shy smile on your face and the fact you was blushing for the comment you heard

"It's nice to meet you Y/N I'm clo, I've heard a lot about you. Please come in Demi isn't ready yet" she says opening the door more and rolling her eyes.


I was so scared about seeing Demi again tonight but was happy at the same time because she took me away, I got lost in her beautiful big brown eyes. Her smile just makes me smile. I get out my car once I reach where I should be. I knock at the two time before hearing some girls voice, I have to say I wanted to laugh my arse off with the comment she shot at Demi but I couldn't because the open was soon open. We chatted a bit before letting me in the house, the house was so bloody massive white walls, big black sofa, with navy blue titled floor. At least a 50 inch tv on the wall, wooden book shelve full of books, CDs, DVDs, I sit on the sofa waiting for Demi felt like I've been waiting hours for this girl! I'm sure I told her to be ready at half 8 goshy girly girl these day. Finally I hear someone walking down the Stairs, she stopped at the door leaning against the wooden frame, I shouldn't help but stare at her. My jaw dropped. I must of looked her up and down over 100 times, I'm 100% sure my heart stopped for a few seconds then after that just kept skipping a beat! Demi was wearing a tight dress what was a lovely red but a deep red so it wasn't in your face or to flashy the dress fell half way down her thighs, her legs omg there amazing 😍 felt like a was dreaming.

I would carry on but my girlfriend wanna FaceTime sooo... Imma leave it like that ✌️

Sorry I rushed it and I'm kinda tired so if they is mistake sorrryyy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading it😘

Thank you for all the voting and reading. Really does mean a lot to me 💋

Remember to keep smiling and stay strong.


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