Chapter 43

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My eyes burred as more tears came across my vision as I watched Azreal get hit again and again. I tried to call out to him but nothing came out. My voice had gone horse after screaming for Azreal. Yanking I tried to get to him but I had gone weak from the silver and constant struggle. Looking at him tears running down my face I saw him passing in and out of conciseness. His back is covered in blood and open wounds. Blood dripped onto the floor pooling at his knees. My eyes locked with his and I could see the pain and horror running through his face. 

"Evelyn." he chocked out my name. I screamed and yanked as hard as I could at the chains but they didn't budge. 

"Stop, please stop your going to kill him. Please I will do anything." I pleaded to Jason my voice cracking as tears poured down my face. 

Jason looked up at me from his place behind Azreal. He pulled the whip back and pulled out a cloth. He ran it down the whip cleaning the blood off it. Jason threw the cloth into the pool of blood at Azreals feet.

Stepping out he walked out from him and over to me. "Be very careful what you promise Evelyn because it could be your life." He said. 

"Please leave him alone I will do anything I don't care what." 

He walked up to me and grasped my chin with his hand. With a yank he pulled my chin up harshley. "You will mate , and marry to Ian and leave the dark pack." He said. 

"Never." I growled at him spitting towards him. He just smirked and turned walking back towards Azreal. 

"Stop!" I yelled at him. 

My eyes locked on Azreal. He was so weak his head barely up. his entire back and chest were covered with blood. I let one final tear slip down my cheek as I looked at Jason. 

"Fine. I will do it. But you have to let Azreal go and swear to not harm anyone in the dark pack." I said my voice shaking. 

"Evelyn no, you can't." I heard Azreal say. Looking at him I smiled softly trying to comfort him. "I will be okay love. I will be okay. I promise, just keep everyone safe. I was so lucky to have you and I will die before I let anything else happen to you." 

Azreal was about to speak but was cut off harshly bu Jason. "Now, now enough of that! We should have a little fun before we hand her over." Jason said looking over to the guard by the door with a dark grin. 

They walked towards me. I stood straighter in my chains as they approached me. "Mark hold her down." The guard walked towards me an evil grin on his face. He tightened my chains and pushed me forward. He held me down as Jason walked behind be. His hands wrapped around my hips tugging at my sweatpants. I growled and bucked out at him. "Now now Evelyn none of that you will only make it worse for yourself.

"Get away from her Azreal roared at them. And even in his weakness he pulled desperately at his shackles trying to get to me." Behind me Jason ripped down my pants. Pulling trying to get away from him but he unzipped his pants. Grabbing my hips he pushed inside me. I cried out as he moved in and out. My eyes locked on Azreal as he howled in horror as Jason continued to move inside me in front to him. My head spun and all I could see was Azreals glowing eyes. 


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