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Dear Smartasses,

Guys remember how I got into a car accident?

And like Abby was told I was dead?
But I wasn't?

There's been another one.

Don't worry, I'm fine, Mitchell is fine, Abby is fine.

But 7 of my friends are in the hospital.


It was after school, and I hadn't gone. I actually can't move my legs at all. I went to the hospital for that, and they did some things and said that I may have days that I can't move anything waist down, and I'm like 'HOW DO I PEE THEN?' And the doctor says "you can either have someone help you or we can assign you a live in nurse." And I was like "I'll find someone."

So they were coming to visit me, and Mackenzie, who we just call Kenzie, and Angel, can drive. Angel is Demon's older sister, and her name is actually Angel, but her and Demon are polar opposites so that's where Demon got his nickname.

But they were on the way to visit me at my house. Abby is out of school right now, and so is Mitchell, so Mitchell helped me in the bathroom. Very awkward... VERY VERY VERY awkward.

I should pay him or something. He's a good person, but once school was out, Caleb came straight (haha... there's nothing straight about him) over, and helped me. A little less awkward, cause we've seen each other's d*ck's before. Haha... you probably didn't want to know that, but whatever.

But they were all in Angel's mother's car, who let them borrow it cause it fits 7 people. And Angel was driving, and someone hit them, right in the middle, drivers side, where Demon was sitting.
The person was speeding, and ran a red light. They almost killed Demon. They saw the car at the last minute and tried to stop, but still hit them.
Demon is currently unconscious, and the doctors still don't know if he will live. More on him later. Angel has a few broken bones, (ribs, arm, leg) and a concussion from the airbag. Kenzie, who was riding shotgun, has a few cuts and a mild concussion from the airbag, and a few broken fingers.
Chris and Thomas were in the third row, probably making out, that stinks for Ben, who was beside them. Chris was on the drivers side, and he threw his body onto Thomas's protecting him. His back was a mess, glass in it, cuts, the seat belt caused him to slam into the seat, driving the glass in even deeper. Thomas is fully conscious, he was through the whole thing, as was Sarah. He has a few cuts, and a broken middle and ring finger on his left hand.
Ben's head was slammed into the plastic beside him, causing him to black out. He doesn't have a concussion, but is having a little trouble focusing on things.
Sarah has bruises from stuff hitting her, and a few cuts from glass.
Angel and Kenzie are asleep, because of the drugs that were pumped into them.
Demon is the worst. I don't even know what all is wrong.
Broken bones, internal bleeding, deep cuts. Sarah says one of his bones was visible from his right arm. And that he screamed a really blood curdling scream. She says he screamed a name, but doesn't know what name. Thomas says it was Angels or Abby's.
Thomas also says Demon's blood splattered everywhere. Thanks for that Thomas.
Sarah was covered in Demon's blood.
So, I am currently lying in bed with Caleb, and regaining feeling in my legs.
Abby is crying. Cause the doctors wouldn't let her see Demon, and they are not sure if he will wake up.


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