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A crush only lasts for a maximum of four months. If it exceeds, you're already in love.

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Sage was so confused.

What were these feelings? Why hadn't they gone away as yet?

It had been a week. A week since Sage first saw Xander Love. Ever since then, he was all he thought about. He was even in his dreams, and God ... was it even possible for someone to be that perfect? It just didn't make any sense.

Sage had never directly heard him talk, but from the first time he heard his voice through his laughter, he just knew that it was amazing. Just the way his eyes gleamed mischievously whenever they accidentally made eye contact, or the way his pink lips looked whenever they were stretched across his milky skin in a smile. These factors seemed to contribute to the inappropriate thoughts his mind never seized to stipulate whenever he was alone. His body was building up with a strange sensation in the pit of his stomach, one that he barely recognized, but it was enough to make him feel like a prime time idiot.

Sage groaned. How could he be having these feelings for another guy? Well, not just another boy. The right-back of the football team, one of the 'popular' kids at school. There was just no way. No way someone like Xander could be into him. Furthermore, Sage wasn't even sure if he was gay or not.

To be honest, the girls Sage used to crush on were all pretty, but they were nothing compared to Xander. He was beauty on another level, even though he was a guy. Often times, Sage found himself wondering what it would be like to just lie next to him, staring into the topaz depths of his always-focused eyes. He wondered what it would be like to sweep his fingers through his thick black hair. To feel his full lips racing across his skin.

Sage groaned again, slapping the side of his head as he tried ridding himself of thoughts on Xander Love. It wasn't healthy, and it wasn't right. No matter what he did could distract his mind from thinking about Xander for more than a second, however. He released a sigh, falling helpless to his thoughts.

There was no doubt in Sage's mind. This was indeed a crush. A stupid, hopeless crush, as usual. He just hoped that, like all his other 'crushes', he could get past this one and toss it behind him. To him, crushes were an absolute waste of time, energy, and self-esteem. Hence the word "crush".

The alarm went off, not that Sage needed it. He'd been lying in bed for about an hour now, unable to fall back asleep. Nevertheless, he dragged himself out of bed, showering and brushing his teeth before he moved to go downstairs.

"Oh! Sage, honey." Cecilia acknowledged as soon as he entered the kitchen. The mixed smell of eggs, bacon and fresh brown bread was wafting about in the air, making Sage's stomach growl.

"Good morning, mom." he greeted, pressing a swift kiss to her cheek like he always did. Cecilia smiled, turning to face her son that was almost passing her height. Upon seeing his face, she frowned a bit.

"Did you sleep well? You seem a little tired."

Sage shook his head, moving to sit at his regular spot at the dining table. He didn't sleep well, but there was no way he'd tell his mother that that was because his thoughts were unexplainably being plagued by a boy at school. He'd never tell his mother about his crushes anyway.

Again, a wave of heat rushed up his face. How on earth did he develop a crush on another guy just by making eye contact two consecutive days? He just couldn't understand.

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