Salute mi familia

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"Rosalie stop that!" Mia shouted at me when she caught me scratching the inside of my cast with a spoon, Dom had decided to do a Toretto BBQ to celebrate my getting out of the hospital and Brian's becoming part of the team.

"but Mi, it itches so bad" I whined as she took the spoon out of my hand and pull me down from the counter "Why don't you go outside and help Dom" she suggested making me raise an eyebrow at her "I'm beginning to think you only send me over to Dom when I'm annoying you" Mia gasped sarcastically and swatted my butt in the direction of my brother "Oh my god you caught me".

Giving her a look I walked outside and smiled when I saw everything was set up with Dom manning the BBQ "Why are you pouting Rosalie" Dom asked with a smile as he turned the food over he was cooking "Mia stop you from scratching your arm again?" I gave my brother a scathing look before pouting again "yes".

Dom just laughed and kissed the top of my head as I watched the chicken cook "Looks great Dom" I complimented as Brian walks over to us "Smells great too" he added and I gave him a small smile when he winked at me knowing he hadn't been scared off by my threat.

We all looked up when the sound of tires squealing came up the driveway "Finally" Dom muttered as he walked closer to Letty's car "So your sister hasn't been interested in racer guys huh?" Brian asked me trying to look inconspicuous.

Giving a small laugh I shook my head "Just be yourself, she hates it when guys act all macho like Vince" Brian laughed loudly making Vince look over to us with grocery bags in hand "I'm outta here" he growled glaring at Brian and shoving the bags into Leon's chest.

"Vince, get over here and give us a hand" Dom called over to Vince as he stomped away "Looks like you got all the help you need, brother" Vince shouted back as he got in his car and peeled away making me flinch from the sound his wheels made on the concrete "or when he acts like a baby" I added looking at Brian who just nodded tapping a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey baby girl, you okay?" Letty asked as she handed her bags to Leon who took them into Mia "She's been scratching again" Dom muttered back to Letty who raised her eyebrow at me "Hey!" I called out "Tattletale".

Dom gave me a smirk then looked at the house "Mia! The chicken's dry" my sister came through the back door laughing with a salad bowl "All right. I'm coming out already" I cheered as Letty plated all the chicken and put it on the table.

Sitting between Dom and Letty I smiled at my little family as we all gathered together around the table "Hey, hold up" Dom said to Jesse who took a piece of chicken and put it on his plate "Because you were the first to reach in to get the chicken, you say grace".

I smiled knowingly before noticing Brian looking at my brother in surprise as we all clasped our hands together in pray "Dear heavenly..." Jesse started slowly "Spirit" Leon interjected when Jesse started to struggle "Spirit. Thank you" Jesse nodded to Leon who replicated.

"Thank you for providing us with a direct port nitrous injection, four core intercoolers and ball-bearing turbos and titanium valve springs. Amen" we all started to clap proudly of Jesse's car prayer.

"Not bad," Dom said pointing to Jesse happily as the computer geek smiled at us "He was praying to the car gods, man" Letty laughed taking herself some cornbread as Mia helped me put food on my plate.

"Look who it is, Old Coyotes 'R' Us." Leon called out as I turn to see Vince walking over to us looking grumpy "I thought you weren't hungry, pumpkin" Leon joked making me laugh "You know, I gotta eat" Vince told us still looking upset.

"He's always hungry" Letty grumbled giving Vince the side eye looking pissed "All right, sit down" Dom sighed waving his arm towards the table, Vince nodded and kissed the top of Dom's head in thanks before rubbing my shoulder as he passed by.

I watched silently as Vince and Brian gave each other looks but said nothing, hopefully they wouldn't start throwing punches over the table but I was down to see that too "Let's eat some grub, man" Letty announced giving Vince a big pat on the back.

Looking around the table I noticed Dom looking between Brian and Vince too before his eyes met mine and I knew he was thinking about something but my brother was usually the hardest one of my family to read except for his eyes you could tell when something was wrong with Dom just by his eyes.

"Dom..." I muttered but he just shook his head and patted my shoulder carefully as he started eating his food "What, you rent a movie or something?" Leon called out to us and my head quickly turned in his direction "Sure as long as it's not porn again!".

Leon gave me an exasperated look "That was one time, Angelface" he said pointing at me as I grimaced "One time too many" I argued as he threw his hands up in the air "I got the tape in the wrong box, I'm sorry".

Brian held his hands up laughing and looked at Leon "You made her watch porn?" I huffed as Leon let out another laugh " No we were supposed to be watching The Blair Witch Project" he stopped when he could continue from laughing.

I glared at him and turned to Brian "but instead, what we got was The Bare Bitch Project" everyone cracked up at my words even Vince was laughing "hey it's not funny, I was scarred for days after" I started to smile too when everyone carried on laughing "You guys are sick" I joked with a small laugh.

"We may be sick princess but we're still your family and the only family you've got" Leon pointed out as Dom nodded at me with a smile "Even Vince when he's grumpy," I asked making the older gruff man smirk "Yeah kid, even me".

I gave them all a smile as Mia held my good hand "Well good because I wouldn't change any of you" I told them as they all cheered until I gave Leon a fake glare "but you are on thin ice mister!".

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