Chapter 3 -The Encounter - Jason Reed

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Samaya went on with her list "Sing in public. Dance in the rain.Experience a true moment of romance, like they do in the movies." She smiled to herself as she wrote.

The thought of having a Romantic moment was something Samaya always wanted but she was sure that wasn't going to happen since romance only happens between people who are in love and she was never down for that.

"There. Perfect."
"That's the end of my list."
"Is there anything else I want to add?" Samaya presses the tip of her pen to her lips.

A shadow falls over Samaya and she pull the buds from her ears as she flicks a glance to her left, and her eyes meet with a suit. A very nice gray suit covering a really broad chest.

She drops her phone in her bag. Then, She remembers her diary , which is still visible on her lap. She slams the the diary shut.and then placed her hand on top of it.

From the corner of her eye she see the Suit Guy remove his jacket and stow it in the overhead compartment.

"Hello, biceps. I can see them clearly through the shirt hugging them tightly. The guy clearly works out from the looks of it." She thinks to herself

Suit Guy takes the seat beside Samaya and turns to her with a smile on his face. She takes in that face for the first time and-

"Holy Crap...Hotness incarnate is sitting next to me." Her heartbeat quickened

"Lord, help me."

Dark brown hair with a natural wave to it. His nose was pointed, like someone carved it. Gorgeous deep blue eyes with the kind of long dark lashes that girls envy, perfect lips, and fair skin and light stuble

He's,sexy, gorgeous, beautiful. Yup, he's all of those.

Samaya was conscious because she was dressed in yoga pants and a T-shirt. She wanted to be comfortable for traveling, and now, she wanted to slap herself.

"Oh God, please let me have put on deodorant." She prayed

She was trying to discreetly sniff her armpits when he says, "Hello," in the most delicious British accent she's ever heard.

Not that she hadn't heard a British accent in her life before because her mother was English.

"Hi." Her words came out strangled.

He smiles again-God, he has a beautiful smile-and then he glances past her to the window.

She took advantage of the moment to eye-grope him. Who wouldn't ? He's buffed and tall. His long legs barely fit in the space in front of him.

When Samaya brought her eyes back to his face, Jason was staring at her and he had a smile , an amused kind of smile because he knew she was totally checking him out.

Samaya should have been embarrassed, but she was not.

Her body tensed at the very thought of sitting right next to him for the next six to seven hours of flight, and the mere thought of the list she had made a few minutes ago
"Kiss a stranger!" And then the thought that crept her mind was "he could be my stranger."

Now, wouldn't that be something?

"You have to have the window shutter open on takeoff," he tells Samaya, nodding in the direction of the window and she's suppose to do what he said but can't seem to move or function with Jason sitting right next to her.

Jason Reed

Jason Reed one of the most handsome eligible Entrepreneurs of Reed Enterprises
At merely the age of 30 he successfully owns a chain of hotels , restaurants and airlines.
He's always had a passion of flying and is a qualified pilot himself.

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