chapter one

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Storm blinked slowly as Silverbreath pushed her towards the light that was glowing outside of the shady tree.

The sunlight burned her eyes, which tipped her over, and she had to take a step back to regain her balance.

"Steady on." Growled Silverbreath, nudging her forward.

Storm attempted at calming the fluttering butterflies in her belly, but it didn't seem to work. Instead her nervousness opened wider and she was even more petrified.

She took a wary step forward, her wings tight against her bright orange back. The sunlight reflected off the teardrop scale behind her eyes, and shone onto the ground beside her in a blinding instant.

Silverbreath blinked at her, coming her silver and green head and taking a confused step back. "What's wrong, Storm?" She asked, her voice showing nothing.

Storm twisted her neck to look at her mother. "I- " She was lost for words.

Her mother-dragon stretched out her snout and pushed her dragonet farther out.

"Won't you walk me in?" Asked Storm, her eyes round as she gazed at her mother, her heart pounding like lava in an erupting volcano.

"We discussed this." Silverbreath's voice was light, but held a stubborn appeal behind it, one that invited no arguing.

The ginger SkyWing turned her head slowly to glance at what was before her. It seemed so...


She turned her head once more, but her mother had left, leaving the small dragonet by herself.

Storm started slowly forested, hunching her shoulders and flexing out her wings so the passing dragons couldn't see her strange back.

She entered the large cave mouth, and entered. Inside, there were small torches lining the wall, blazing like little suns.

The floor was gray and smooth, like snow on the peaks, and the air smelled fresh and crisp. It was practically outside but... inside.

Storm swept her head to the side, observing more surroundings. A lean blue and white IceWing was heading for a large stone column that dragons were heading away from.

Atop the column was a pink dragon- or maybe it was green- or blue- it kept in changing colors in its excitement.

It must be a RainWing. Thought Storm, a small ball of excitement lighting her belly. She had never seen a live RainWing before. In fact- she had never seen any other dragons but her mother and occasionally her father.

She drew towards the RainWing, halting right behind the IceWing, who lashed her tail impatiently and swung her head to the side.

Her eyes were the color of chipped ice, and they landed on Storm like talons on prey. She felt herself shrink inside her scales as the icy cold gaze swept over her. It glared at her for a few moments before removing them from her and staring intently at a woozy-looking SandWing in front of the IceWing.

Storm let her shoulders droop with a silent breath of relief. The terrifying glare had lifted up the scales along her back, and she was glad she could push them back down.

My back. Storm realized, horror shooting through her as she quickly swept her wings around her back and looked around her anxiously, trying to tell if anyone had noticed.

Only a small NightWing stared at her, his eyes round. He held a small scroll in one talon, and a satchel in the other. The whites of his stretched out eyes were showing as he stared at her.

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