Chapter 13

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Gulping, Aylin took the high road, telling Ezekiel the truth. "A few years ago, at my old pack, there was a demon attack. There was a gathering at the pack house, and they descended on us. To this day, no one understood why. I managed to make it out, but I lost both my parents in the process. They fought against them, but so many were lost that day. Ever since, everyone in my old pack treated me differently. My father was one of the packs best warriors, and it was seen as a disgrace that his child ran." 

"What pack was it?" 

"Dark Moon." 

"Alpha Stephan Morris?" 

"Now, it's his son." She choked up slightly thinking about Daemon. "Dark Moon is known for its warriors. Running is frowned upon, that's why they treated me so badly." 

Ezekiel's jaw clenched. "There's no excuse for it," he rumbled. 

Wiping a tear away, remembering her parents wounded her deeply. "You mean, you aren't angry with me?" 

His expression softened, "Of course, not. I'm glad you were honest with me. I'm sorry that you had to bring up a painful memory." She only gave him a half-hearted smile in response. "I hate to do this, but we should go back and see what is remembered from that attack. I need to know what I'm dealing with." 

Instantly, Aylin's heart started pounding in her chest thinking about going back there. Panic set in thinking about facing Daemon again; she knew for a fact that Ezekiel wouldn't want to leave her behind. It wasn't safe with that crazy woman still in the castle. But she didn't want to go back there, back to the past. 

"Don't worry, we'll be together. No one is going to say anything to you," he reassured her. "Once I call him, we'll arrange to leave tomorrow." 

Nodding, Aylin left Ezekiel and went to her room. He could see how uneasy she was about going back to her old pack. Most likely because she was going to be facing the mate who rejected her; he didn't want her to be in pain, but it was the best course of action since the demon was caught on his land. It would be a short visit; Ezekiel never liked being too far from his land. 

'Quill, get Alpha Morris on the phone,' Ezekiel barked through the link.

'Got it,' he responded.

Meanwhile, Aylin was pacing her room wondering what would happen when Ezekiel found out that her first mate was Daemon. There would be no way that he would accept her after that. He would surely go back to that other woman, realizing that if an Alpha rejected her, then why should a King give her time of day? That thought alone, made her heart sink. If Ezekiel left her, then she would kill herself. She was still surprised that he accepted her, and she was slowly allowing herself to open up to him. All would be for naught if he changed his mind. 


A familiar voice was at the door. 

Opening the door, Quill was there with an empty duffle bag in his hand. "I figured you didn't have a bag." Handed her the bag, she silently took it. "You okay?" Quill was becoming concerned at how quiet she was. 

"Yeah," she lied. 

Side eyeing her, he could tell that she was being less than truthful when she dropped her head. "Talk to me." 

"I don't want to go back to my old pack," she murmured. "I don't want to see him." 

"See who?" 


"Daemon Morris? Why?" Bringing her eyes up to meet Quill's, they were full of tears. Without saying a word, he figured out exactly why she didn't wanna go. "He was the one who rejected you?!" Anger laced every word in his sentence. 

She recoiled in fear, but it wasn't his anger she was afraid of. "Please don't tell Zeke!" 

Sighing, he reigned in his anger. "I won't, but you should."

"What if he rejects me?"

Shaking his head with a laugh, he put a hand on her shoulder. "I can promise you that he won't. You've done something to him; something that no one ever thought could happen." Confused, she looked at her friend confused. "You've made him happy." 

Quill's eyes went glassy for a moment. Ezekiel was communicating with him. "He wants to see you in his office. Remember the way?" 


"Go on. Relax, nothing will happen." 

Aylin started on the trek to his office, which seemed twice as long of a walk than normal. A familiar, sickeningly sweet smell hit her nostrils. 

 In front of her, that woman stepped out from the corner, with a knife in her hand. Her appearance was disheveled, her black hair matted, her make-up running down her face, and a furious look. "You ruined everything!" 

Running at Aylin, blade out, she dodged it. Trying again, Aylin grabbed her wrist roughly, pulling it forward, kneeing her squarely in the in the nose. She felt the crack of her nose. Shoving her to the floor, Aylin took a step back from the bloody woman. 

Quill and Ezekiel came running from either side of the hall, peering at the woman rolling in pain on the floor. 

"What happened here?" Ezekiel asked, angry. 

"S-she came at me with a knife," Aylin stuttered. 

"You did this?"

"Well, duh, Zeke. Did you think she was going to let Ana stab her?"

Growling at his brother, he looked back to his mate. "Are you alright?"

"I'm the one bleeding on the ground here!" Ana spewed. 

"Get her out of here!" Ezekiel gnarled. 

Quill scooped Ana up, removing her from the scene. Ezekiel started scanning Aylin's body for signs of injury. He was thankful not seeing any. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he ushered her to his office. 

Locking the door to his office, Ezekiel didn't want to be disturbed with Aylin. What she had just done to someone larger than her made his trousers tighten. Though he wouldn't act on it, there was something that he needed to speak to her about before they left on their journey to the Dark Moon Pack. 

Aylin found a spot to sit on the couch, that she didn't realize was there the first time she went. It was a beautiful soft black leather. Sitting next to her, he was thinking of a way to delicately broach the subject. "Ay, there's something we need to talk about before we leave tomorrow." He softly placed his hand on her leg, hoping the conversation wouldn't scare her away. "Before we go to the Dark Moon Pack, I'm going to have to mark you." 

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