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So this is officaily the first chapter

the other was a prolouge, but ill call this 2nd so peeps aren't confused :)

I hope you like it :)

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Deep breath in, Deep breath out, and again. My hands where lightly shaking and i had this feeling in my stomach, oh my god, butterflies? I could not believe i was nervous to step into class, sure it was the first day back to springhall high, bu-but i was Alyssa Micheals for gods sake. Yes, i know that sounds self centered, but i just could not understand my feelings...wow, puberty sucks.

I kicked Tallulah Orlando's but last year ( Don't worry everyone laughs at her name), i own some of the best pranks ever played in this hell houses history... i, freaking rule.

No...i don't.

I am self conscious, and hate the ways people react to me. I have this ugly mole on my left boob that i despise and i have a crush on jack Gilligan, the football jock, who i think is super cute and nobody would ever belive i could have feelings for. I... miss my mother, even though shes a bitch, who left when i was just three years old. So i live with my dad, the poor old man, he had to raise me, his daughter, who is not so easy to live with. But still I'm not being bitter. I just hate her. Okay... so that is bitter.

But nobody will ever get deep enough to know these things about me, ever. All they'll now is what i project, my bad-ass reputation, which has its perks. but, sometimes it annoys me that people actually belive i don't care about anything, but i always remind myself, its for the best.

In knew everyone probably suspected i was a whore, but the only time id kissed a boy was back when i was fourteen. I was walking to school when Billy a ginger skinny little guy came right in my face. " You are so pretty" he said, and with that he smacked his lips onto mine. I was shocked, no, mortified and-well i punched him in the chest and bolted. That was the last I'd seen of ginger Billy.

Now, 2 years on, my life is kiss-less, and sexless. I guess i just haven't had an opportunity.

Shit Alyssa! stop crying you're heart out about this shit, stupid. Get in the class already!

This is spring high, nothing was going to happen to me.

I put the sly smirk back on check and casually strolled into the classroom.

what the heck was i worrying about? Everything was the same.

Kelly and her three wannabe-be's were sitting huddled up in they're little corner, probably talking about how hot Justin bieber was.


Mason and the assholes were talking about chicks, how to get chicks, and about that ONE *key word* time they nailed a chick. Blame it on their out of control hormones.

I walked passed them to get to my seat, Bill, masons best buddy noticed me rolling my eyes towards them.

Please don't talk to me, Please don't talk to me , Please don't talk to me.

"Hey Alyssa!" he said a stupid grin plastered on his face. Now i had to think of witty remarks and cool topics for this conversation, and I'm really not a morning person, at all.

I turned towards the monkeys corner smiling towards them. Just as i was about to reply Kelly made her way to the circle. I couldn't help but notice that her women bits where jiggling uncontrollably as she walked towards our "area" , thanks to those stupid heels. She was looking right at me. Oh great, just... freaking great.

"Hey Alyssa" She said while brushing something off her super tight jeans "i was wondering why the classroom spelt of doom, ha! ha!" I cant begin to explain how much i hate that stupid donkey laugh.

" Alyssa..." I replied waiting a few seconds to carry on, i had to make it look like her words didn't get to me, that she didn't get to me, "why don't you go to you're clones over there" I said airily pointing over at were the "clones" Melissa and Carey were sitting "where lame jokes are actually appreciated, even ones as lame as yours, okay? Bu-bye"

Laughter hooted around me.

Kelly turned to go. I hated the stupid bitch but at least she knew when to make her exit.

And as much as the monkeys sucked they always laughed at my jokes, so, you know, i gotta love em' in a very, very distant way.

But Mason wasn't laughing at all...

"whoa" Billy said " Mason, dude, first time you're not the one laughing hardest at ally's joke"

I followed masons gaze...Oh.

I smirked " Maybe if he tried staring at kellys but a little less harder he'd get a clue" i said a little louder than necessary.

Low chuckles erupted, and, oh was that a blush i saw making its way around masons chubby cheeks? Bingo.

The bell went, and we all stood up pre-occupied with whatever...well- ourselves.

"Screw you, Alyssa" Mason said snarling at me.

I smiled devilishly "Yes Mason, i believe the whole class is already aware of the fact that you wish you could" I did a quick wink in his direction, and with that, i walked out of class hearing laughter in my wake...


So okay, i know thats considered "short" in wattpad but i really wanted that (^^) to be my last line so i didnt continue...

Next chapter will be up whenever im bothered to write it, haha ;)

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