Chapter 1

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A/N - Percy is 11 at the start of this story. He went on his first quest at 8 and the prophecy of 7 happened when he was 10. He is blind but no one knows because... well read to find out. Also, in my story, Percy isn't stupid and no Percabeth, Annabeth and the other seven are all the same age as in the books. Disclaimer is in Summary.

Percy's POV~

Ugh... how many times do the rest of the seven and I have to keep arguments between the Greeks and Romans from happening? I mean really, last time it was over sword fighting techniques. The time before that was about the fact that Greeks had a navy and cavalry. The time before that... well you get the picture. This time though, it was just so stupid. It was over what color T-shirt was best, purple or orange. Though personally I dont care, both colors are like paining a giant target on yourself... We settled the conflict quickly and I head towards the Poseidon cabin. Its been a whole year since the camps made peace... sort of.

When I get to my cabin I collapse on my bunk and pass out cold, not caring if I missed dinner or not. The rest of the camp, not even the rest of the seven, had realized I'd been constantly keeping an eye on the Athena campers when they went near the Romans. While the statue had been returned, the Romans are still slightly mad that their maiden goddess had kids, Greek or not.

Unfortunately sleep comes with dreams. Demigod dreams in general suck, but its worse for me. I wasn't born blind. In fact no one but my mother, and probably the gods, knows I'm blind.Having known about my godly heritage and powers since I was 4, I am able to use my powers to 'see' the world around me. The water in the air alerts me to anything and everything around me. Sometime even if I dont want to know...seriously... I did not want to know what the couples of the camp did when they thought no one could see... GROSS even if it doesn't get farther than kissing. Anyways, stupid ADHD, back to the whole blind thing. I became blind after falling into the pit.

Dream/Flashback~3rd Person POV~

Percy was falling. He knew that much, but for how long? not a clue. It was pitch black so he couldn't see his hand in front of his face. He started to panic that he would end up a demigod pancake, until he sensed a river below him. 'If this is Tartarus, I don't know what river that is... I dont really want to go swimming..soo' He thought of a plan to avoid taking a dip in a quite possibly lethal river of the underworld. Percy concentrated on keeping himself dry as he willed the water up to make a waterspout that pushed him onto sharp glass-like sand of the rivers shore. 

The glass cut into him every where, one even got into each of his eyes. Thankfully they were a large pieces and he was able to pull them out, painfully. Once they were removed, he realized something. He couldn't SEE. After staring around himself in shock, due to not being able to see, and in horror at the thought of going through this blind. Shaking off these feelings he got up and used his new sight to his advantage as he started walking.

------Dream Change------ WARNING Torture ahead, if you dont like, skip to the next bolded part, that will be the end.

Percy hung from chains on a wall in a dark palace. Crazed, sadistic laughter sounded as he weakly tried to get out chains, but to no avail. The source of the laughter stepped out of the shadows as Percy glared at him, wanting to make a sassy remark, but unable to with his dislocated jaw. The source, was void face himself, Tartarus.

Percy had been caught after escaping Nyx's palace and reaching the doors. He had no clue how to get up to the surface as he noticed that someone needed to hold the 'up' button and while he was trying to figure that out, he had been captured. Thankfully doing all of this blind, Percy managed to figure out how to use his water vision power active at all times. (A/N Water Vision is him using water in the air to see things around him)

Tartarus started talking about how he and Gaea would rise and take power once again. Percy was fading in and out of consciousness due to the pain he was in, but one sentence jolted the son of Poseidon awake.

"You know, I hope my dear Gaea sends your friends on the boat down here after she's done with them, I would love to make you watch as I torture them the way I have you, and so much more."

Something in Percy snapped. The caring 10 year old who was sarcastic and sassy vanished in the blink of an eye. In his place, was one pissed off son of the sea.


Percy's eyes went black as the primordial in front of him froze with an expression of agony on his face as the demigod snapped the chains.

"Hows it feel to be controlled Tartarus? How do YOU like being the puppet?!!" Percy growled, his voice no longer belonging to anything even remotely human... or sane.

Tartarus opened his mouth to speak but the sounds that came out were not of his own voice "-cy! -ercy! Wake up! PERCY GODS DAMN IT WAKE UP!"

-End of dream/flashback- Torture over all good now. Back to Percy POV-

I jolted awake instinctively pulling out Riptide and uncapping it. The sword had found its way pressed against the throat of the now-pinned person who had woken me up before I was even fully awake.

"W-wha?" I mumbled out as I used my powers to see person I had pinned down was the one I thought of as a big sister, Annabeth chase. I got off her and let her stand. Hearing chuckling at the door and I turned towards it using my powers to see that it was the rest of the seven.

"Whatr yu gys doin her?" I slurred out still sleepy. Leo, who had returned from the dead with Calypso a few months ago to a bunch of punches and hugs from the campers, looked like he was trying not to laugh at me and my horridly messed up words. How i know it was Leo? Easy, he's the only one who would get slapped by a bunch of hands all at once.

"You were screaming in your sleep. Was it a nightmare about the Pi-" Hazel started before being cut off by a growl from me. The seven looked at me suprised then backed up hastily once they looked at my expression. I was confused on why they backed away so suddenly until I realized that in my rage and fear of hearing 'the pit' I had probably used my Wolf glare on them. I turned it off.

"Sorry." I mumbled as I sat down on my bunk motioning for the others to take seats on the other bunks in the cabin. They take seats and Jason speaks.

"Damn, Little bro, that glare of yours is freaking scary. You could make Lupa back down with that thing."

The other Romans and I chuckled while the Greeks sat there confused. Annabeth broke the silence by saying something that got my complete attention.

"You know Perce, you really should go home and see your mom after this summer session ends tomorrow."

I haven't seen my mom in a year since I got back from the quest against Gaea. I had only visited her for a few days so she knew I was alright before coming back to help settle things between the camps. During that time she noticed how I seemed to know where everyone and everything was without looking so I told her privately about the being blind thing, leaving out the pit, I just said it was glass from one of my crazy Demigod-escape-stunts. Which it kinda was.

I wasted no time in nodding my head up and down so fast even I thought it was gonna come off. the rest of the seven laughed at my antics before leaving to their own cabins for the night seeing as it was late and they didn't wanna get eaten by the harpies.

They left and I glanced in the direction of my bed before shaking my head. I wasn't going back to sleep. I didn't want another nightmare. the bad thing about them, I could see. I could actually see what I had done down there. From nearly killing the goddess with her own poison, to controlling the golden inchor in Tartarus.

I walked to the bathroom in the cabin and took off my shirt. Thanks to my dreams I knew exactly where every single scar I got in the pit was. I traced my fingers over them before I turned my attention to the box on the counter.

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