Chapter Fourteen

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" Malik, please! I can't just stay like that." I screamed at him.

" Not the time. Maybe later. Just you know, you are safe here. Some really dangerous people are after you in order to keep you safe I brought you here. You will be staying until I say that you can go. " said Malik and I found myself breaking down.

" What did I do to deserve all of this now?! Why did you to this to me? I was okay with my little life before you jumped in. Why did you do that?" I asked crying.

I didn't want to cry but this was too much. I wasn't used to this at all which made it harder for me. Like imagine being in danger because an insane fighter and racer had claimed you. Oh not to mention that he knew about you more than you think. Gosh! This was so weird.

" I jumped in in order to protect you. They were after you from the beginning. Hell, I helped you when I knew that they will attack soon. Look, you got something that they want and that something shouldn't be with them. You are the right place for it, so it should always stay with you. Your father had everything planned and he just trusted you enough to know that you will take care of it. He didn't have time to explain because you were young for that. Now, it is my fucking role to protect you and that thing." said a really mad Malik.

" What? What does father have to do with this?!" I asked him.

" He has everything to do with this." said Malik and before I could ask him about it, the door of the room was sent wide open.

" Sir, it is an emergency." the voice said and then Malik asked " What's happening?!"

" Draco's gang attacked." replied a man. That man was the same man that I felt a bond with.

" The Russian gang?" asked Malik, earning a nod.

" Let's go!" said Malik as he carried me, and started running.

Before I could scream, I heard him whisper " If you make a sound, then we are both dead."

I nodded and stayed quiet. I tried to calm down and act like everything was good (not in a mess). I tried to simply forget Malik's words about my father and what the hell did I have that everyone wanted. I own nothing. Just a bank account that father had made for me at a young age. Did they want my money? Well, they could take it. I wouldn't refuse. I didn't use it anyway.

I was lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice the conversation that had been going between Malik and the other man. I was thinking about my father and what Malik had said. It was probably a lame lie. My father was a straight man (not in a pervert way). He was good in his work. He just enjoyed watching races and fights. That was the thing that made him a little, well, bevel.

" Sorry, Brianna! But I am not sure of how you will react." I heard Malik whisper and before I could say a shit.

I felt a needle in my arms and I ran cold. I couldn't move, see or talk, but I could still hear.

" Lead the way, boss." I heard the man say.

" Yes, Derek." replied Malik and that was the last thing that I heard. I guess, that the injection just needed time to work.

' So his name is Derek, huh?'


I opened my eyes and found myself in a comfortable bed. I turned right and out my arm under the pillow. The bed was really comfortable that it made me want to sleep for the rest of my life. Why did beds have to be so attractive?

" She is still sleeping, I see." said a voice that I recognized as Derek's.

" Yeah!" said Malik's voice.

I was midway through awake and asleep, so I just enjoyed their conversation. Ears drop was bad but it wasn't like I had any other choices. I needed answers.

" So, are you sure about this? I mean, Roman, you have three different identities. First, you were Roman, her friend and lover too. Then all of a sudden you faked your death to save her from this world. After that, you lived your life as Kaiden with your step mother and father. Not to mention your step brother. Then you suddenly changed and became Malik the racer and the fighter who claimed her because she is pretty.

You know I don't know what to address you anymore. Roman, Malik, or Kaiden. Wow! This only happens in stories." I didn't know what to do anymore. Malik was Roman? My Roman didn't die?! Wait! I shouldn't be happy! He faked his death and lived his fucking life without me. How dare him?!

I wanted to open my eyes and slap Roman across the face really bad but I couldn't. My body was still exhausted and wouldn't cooperate.

" You act like you don't know the reason, Derek." replied Malik/ Roman/ Kaiden in a monotone.

" I know them, but this is enough. You can't just keep escaping. This is so weak. You shouldn't be weak. Just stick to personality and make it easier for people around you." said Derek firmly.

" Why are you mentioning this, right now?" asked Mr. Too many identities that I can't tell.

" Because Aurbianna is back to your life. Whether you like it or not, Roman, she has all rights to know. Like think about her, her first boyfriend simply died and she didn't date any other one." started Derek but was cut by Roman.

" Like hell I will allow it."

" Exactly! You didn't completely allow her to live, you kept her chained to you. She has been throw a lot with you, man! Just give her her simplest right and give her answers. Quit the identity playing games, man! It is fucking annoying." tears left my eyes when I realized what was happening. Roman was Kaiden and Malik.

He had faked his death and stayed away from me. He tortured me for years and then came back with another identity and then 'claimed' me in front of everyone all over again. He didn't even bother telling me that it was Roman. The idea that my Roman was back to me gave me two feelings. Happy because I still adored him. Mad because I felt like a trash.

He didn't bother with me at all. He acted like I was nothing. Then he told his friend that he wouldn't have allowed me to date anyone even if I liked them. How selfish could he be? It made me dislike him. It made me think that he had changed. My Roman wouldn't have done that. He would have respected me.

Roman?! Maybe he was already dead...

No! He wasn't! He was standing in front of me. But, then who did we bury that day?! The doctors and his father wouldn't allow us to see the body at all. Maybe it wasn't him! I didn't know what was going on, and what had already happened. It made me feel lost. What else was a lie? Other than, my best friend, his death, and 'Malik'.

I didn't know what was going on and that was sending me crazy. That was when a thought came in my mind, a thought that broke me.

' Roman didn't really like me after all.'

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