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One Week Later...)

Nurse Gloria let a tear fall in grief as she viewed a  photo of her smiling god daughter on Instagram. The local sheriff and police haven't found any trace of Vanessa and just recently she's found out from Mrs. Parker's the librarian  that her daughter Claire is missing. Vanessa's mom also passed away yesterday and a funeral was yet to be arranged. Gloria promised Ms.Blake when Vanessa was born that she'd be a good mother in case anything happened to her but now it seemed impossible to keep her end of the bargain.

"Man, I really miss that hunk of a doctor." A familiar woman's voice said  briefly distracting Gloria. Gloria turned to face a late aged co worker talking to two young nurses.

"Ya me too but he married that lucky tramp." Another named Debbie said throwing Gloria into a state of confusion.

"Really who?!" The first shrieked irritated.

"Last time I asked him out he was telling me he had a wedding for some bitch named Vanessa." All the girls rolled their eyes fuming and Gloria felt her heart stop with shock as she stood up.

"W-What'd you say!" Gloria exclaimed causing all the girls attention to be focused on her.
(Author Pov):
Oooh interesting looks like Gloria has her first suspect. What do you think will happen next? 😉
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