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Chapter 60

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Today, Caroline brought an exotic dancer to the studio today. We did some pole dancing and gave lap dances. It was pretty cool, but it was weird for Caroline.

After everyone left, Monique and I stayed behind to practice.

"I'm really surprised Caroline brought this girl in today," I said standing on a chair.

"Me too," Monique said.

"I didn't think she was into that kinda dancing. But I bet she, low key, is a freak," I laughed.

"You think so?"

"Hell yeah. Caroline is a closet hoe. Her and Ricky are probably into some really kinky shit; she's not as innocent as she looks."

We laughed and then Tyreke & Tyrell walked in.

"What are y'all still doing here?" Tyreke asked.

"We're just messin' around," Monique said.

Right as Tyrell was about to say something, Blake walked in and DJ came in shortly after.

"Hey," I said, walking over to Blake to give him a hug.

"What's up," he said.

"We're just hangin' out," I said, "oh Blake, these are our friends Tyreke & Tyrell. Y'all this is my boyfriend Blake."

They greeted each other, but it was hella awkward between Blake & Tyrell.

"DJ, you already met Tyrell, but this is his brother Tyreke," I said.

I only introduced them to cut the tension that had surfaced, but it didn't work. It was still awkward because Tyrell wouldn't stop staring at Blake.

"Well, we gotta go!" Tyreke said, breaking the God awful silence, "it was nice meeting y'all."

Tyreke left the studio, leaving the four of us with his brother.

"Well bye," he said to everyone, "see you later Bri."

He winked at me and smirked before walking off.

"You need to watch out for him Blake," Monique said smiling.


"Because he has the biggest crush on Bri. He's had a crush on her since we were kids," she said.

"How come you two never dated?" Blake asked me.

"We did. In high school, for a month," I said.

"What happened?"

"It didn't work. I told him we were better off as friends."

"Like I said, watch out for him. He's very persistent," Monique reminded him.

Blake looked at me and I looked at him. I couldn't read the look on his face, but it was almost like he was worried about something. He has nothing to worry about though, I don't want Tyrell.

"So, what did y'all do today?" DJ asked, breaking the second awkward silence.

"We learned how to work the pole and how to give a proper lap dance," Monique said, "can I show you what I learned?"

I was so shocked because when it comes to DJ, Monique turns into a lovesick little puppy.

"Y-yeah," DJ smiled.

"Bri, don't you wanna show Blake what you learned?" Monique asked.

"I don't know if he wants to see it," I said looking at him.

"I definitely wanna see it," he said.

"Well in that case, y'all go sit in those chairs," Monique said excitedly.

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