Chapter 11

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Ezekiel contained the roar that threatened to leave his throat. How could she think such a thing? Swallowing hard, she was being as serious as a heart attack; Aylin wanted to leave. There had to be a different reason she was so hell bent on leaving. 

"Shouldn't I be the one to make the assumption if you're not good enough for me?" 

Gazing down at her feet, Aylin took a deep breath, and her next words shocked the king. "I saw you the other night....with that woman from the throne room." 

Confused, at what point would she have seen them together? Ezekiel never made it a habit of being with her in public. "How?" 

Wiping a stray tear away, she continued. " your bedroom, the door was ajar." The crazed look in the king's eye suddenly had Aylin more worried that she ventured out of her room, more than the action of telling the king she caught him with another woman. 

Turning her back to him, she felt as though there was nothing left to say. A bond may have been forming, but it was shattered when she caught him with another woman, whom was not his mate. Such a betrayal was something she couldn't abide by. It had already happened once to her, and she couldn't afford to put her heart out there to have it stomped on again. As it was, she wanted jump out the window in front of her. 

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she felt the large presence of the king behind her. Wrapping her arms tighter around herself, Aylin felt frozen in place. Kaia was running around like a crazy wolf inside her head. 'Mate wants us!' she yelped. 'Let me out! I want to see mate!'

'Are you serious?' Aylin snapped back.

'I want to stretch my legs,' she whined.

Rolling her eyes, Aylin became annoyed with her wolf. 'I wish you wouldn't eavesdrop.'

Finally giving in to her wolf, she closed her eyes and let Kaia surface. "So you're my mate?" 

"Aylin?" the king asked, questioningly. 

"My name is Kaia." 

Ezekiel stepped back, wanting to see her eyes. "Turn around," he commanded. 

Lifting her head, Aylin's eyes had turned to a violet color. Still traces of blue, showing the girl was still there. This was her wolf; her aura seemed formidable. The complete opposite of the human form of the girl. Sniffing the air, Kaia breathed in her mates scent. Involuntarily, a heat pooled in her core. "Aylin doesn't want to live anymore. I'm sure you know that." 

"Yes, I'm aware," he gritted, "she also wants to leave." 

Scoffing, Kaia moved past the large wolf, "Can you blame her? She shut me out for weeks after the last asshole rejected her. As it is, I'm barely holding the connection I have right now." 

Aylin was screaming inside Kaia's head to shut up. She didn't want Ezekiel to know too many details, lest he do something hasty. 'Kaia, please stop talking,' Aylin begged. 

A far away look came into Kaia's eyes, Ezekiel knew they were communicating. 'Why? Mate could kill Da-'

'Do not say his name!' Aylin screamed. 'I'm coming out.'

'Wait!' Kaia begged. Blinking her eyes a few times, Aylin shook her head, pushing Kaia to the back of her mind. 'Bitch.'  Kaia gritted.

Coming back to herself, Aylin wondered what Ezekiel thought of Kaia. "Sorry, Kaia has a big mouth. She's the opposite of me." 

Ezekiel chuckled slightly at her. "I don't think that's necessarily true. She's a reflection of you, what you could be." 

Scoffing, Aylin turned to the window. "Those days are long gone for me." 

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