She's Calm?!!!?????????!!?!!!???

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After being away for a week y/n came back to the avengers tower. she spends majority of the time in her room and when shes not shes in the training room.They leave her alone for a month to let her cool down even wade,Clint,and,Tony.After that Thor was planning on approaching her and talking to her to apologize for Loki's behavior.But he was like forget that when he entered the trainng room to find a mess bigger than she usually makes. (Let me tell you how big of a mess she usually makes. In the newest avengers movie Captain America Civil War where after it all there is a huge as hell mess. Well when she finishes with the training room it makes that war lool clean and tidy as fucking hell but today it was even worse) so Thor was like nope by I'm out I don't wanna die today. As he is about to exit he sees y/n come out of the bathroom. So he panics but does the right thing even if it would cost him his life he ran as fast as he could and was like fuck that I don't wanna die by the hands of this crazy bitch. (JK JK JK JK) He actually approached the psycho woman and he was so nervous his palms were sweaty. He apologized sincerely for his brother's actions. Y/n gave him a award winning smile that was fake as hell but Thor  could not see through it as she replied saying it was forgiven and forgotten which puzzled Thor but he left it be. So he left while once he was far enough away she fucked up a new punching bag in seconds what Thor failed to realized is that y/n has changed and no one else has been close enough to tell she had more muscles visible and it seemed she grew more but something no one knew is that while she was gone she had gotten piercings and died her hair to her favorite color which she still was hiding under a hat. She retreated to her room she honestly wasn't that mad anymore but she was bleeding (she got her period)  so she was being moody. But once she felt better she came out of her room. She can't use her powers on her period cuz they are very violent or won't work so only on missions does she use her powers. So if she wanted her chocolate she would have to exit her room. She has to go through the main room where avengers all gather just as she almost reaches the next room someone calls her. Since she decided it wasn't everyone's fault and all that she stopped and back backed to the middle of the room and raised a brow which was her way of asking what. Tony being Tony said "I don't appreciate you making a mess around here. And mostly in my training room I'd like you to stop it or clean it up yourself. but like seriously what is going on with you you haven't made that bad of a mess at all since you've been here. Or you normally clean it up what's up with you? " "Well one I only make a mess which I usually clean up yes but right now my powers are not working." "Someone who is as "powerful" as you should never have your powers acting up. " Everyone tensed as Loki spoke even after a month and a week ago he had his ass beat down to the ground but were surprised but cautious when you gave that award winning smile and looked directly at him apparently showing no hostile feelings toward him as you said way too peaceful and calming for comfort almost like the calm before the storm "Well Loki I'm bleeding to death slowly and painfully and because of this my body will make my powers very violent so in cases like this I can't use powers or else I wouldn't even be here. I would be in y room so if I can get my caramel m&ms (SPONSORED) (JK JK WHO THE HELL WOULD EVEN CARE) now I will be out of your hair. " They all nod and leave you be. You continue what you were doing before at a fast pace for them to see you with 525,600 (That's a specific number) King sized bags of carmel m&ms in your arms with no struggle to go back to your room. They are all in shock as you shuffle back to your room. One thing was clear there was something wrong with her right now seeing she was strangely calm even with Loki so they are staying on their toes with you for now.

The End

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