Chapter 8: Memories

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Chapter 8: Memories

The huge explosion caused a stir in our neighborhood, people were outside. There was one lady in her yoga suit talking to her phone. She looked startled, her knees were shaking, and her phone trembled in her hand; I sensed that she tried reaching 911 or the fire station. We didn’t wait for the authorities to come and investigate. I drove my car as fast as I can, trying to escape the place where I grew up.

We reached the busy intersection I heard sirens of fire trucks driving toward us, they were in a rush. Cars made way for them to pass. I stopped the car and looked down for a moment; instincts told me too. I was hiding from them, but I don’t know if it was necessary, they won’t spot me anyway.

I looked in front of me, everything was blurry. I sensed that I’m about to black out again. I breathed in and out, I tried to force myself not to but everything happened so fast. My energy was slipping away from me, taking the bullet out took more energy than I thought. I looked at Devin; he had teary eyes from the death of his mom. I was sweating so much right now. The next second came, and everything went black.

I was standing in a pitch black room, or was it? There was light somewhere, the room wasn’t pitch black, it’s just black. I can hear sword fighting somewhere, I looked around, but nobody was with me. The sound of swords crashing into each other came closing in. I run, run to nowhere. ‘Where am I?’ I asked myself.

There they were, two girls fighting. One has curly brunette hair, she was wearing an armored suit, her sword was firm and strong, glistening with power, I surprisingly found myself cheering for her. I took a closer look and it was my mom, on her early twenties maybe. She looked so different. I think of her as a calm person, not this violent.  

My mom was fighting another girl, an older woman. She was in a full white gown with a lot of sparkles. She had too much make-up on. Her hair was fashioned in a big doughnut like manner. She wore a crown made up of gold and diamonds.

Both my mom and the woman she was fighting didn’t notice me, they still continued fighting, I watched and learn some tricks my mom was doing, she was better than the woman with the crown on.  

“Give up. You are no matched for my power.” my mom said, she kicked her opponent in the belly causing her to fall.

My mom’s opponent stood up with her sword raised shoulder level, “Never, you arrogant little girl.” they started duelling once again; my mom’s opponent seemed to be slowing down, the weight of everything she was wearing might had helped my mom wear her down. A few moments passed and my mom disarmed the girl with the crown. My mom looked at me, I don’t know if she can see me, but she smiled. She now turned blurry, and then slowly her picture and her opponent’s faded.

I closed my eyes and the scenes shifted, I’m somewhere in the middle of a forest. It was dark and only the moonlight illuminated the surroundings, I ran as fast as I could to find signs of humanity, but there were none, only trees and wildlife. I stopped to catch my breath, I don’t know how long I was running but it felt like forever. I fell to my back and rested on the cold ground, the grass were soft and the breeze was cool. Something wasn’t right about this place. I quickly sat up to find that I’m in the middle of a city. New York perhaps, I was in Central Park, but it doesn’t make sense, for a city that never sleeps, no one was in here but me.

“Hello?” I called out to anyone who could hear me. I shouted it out as loudly as possible, a few birds were startled but that was just about the reaction I got.

“Hello? Could someone hear me?” I shouted out once again. This time someone just ran behind me, I turned around but no one was there, “can you please help me? I’m lost.” I said, but no one came out.

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