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"You should really come out of your room, you know?"

Hyunjin darted his gaze from the window in his bedroom and towards his brother, whom stood still by his bedside. Hyunjin shook his head weakly as he resumed staring outside his window.

There was no longer snow falling out from the sky, the whites on the ground was slowly melting away. Winter had ended, at least for him.

Hyunjin was broken, he had witnessed the love of his life hung deadly in front of the rest of the villagers but yet, her sorrow smile was the one thing he could not push away. He spent his time blaming himself, if only he knew. He could've stopped her.

"You know... she had this in her hand when we took down her body." Minho's statement caught the younger one's attention. Hyunjin looked at his brother in a confused expression only to find him holding one of his sculptures.

He noticed that Minho was actually holding the nightingale he carved for Maru, except the one in the room was his. Memories flashed before his eyes, only to have him feeling a pang of sadness in his heart again.

"Can I see her?" Hyunjin softly asked. His voice was shaking, but no tears were visible in his eyes. Minho softened at his brother. He too, felt the sadness the younger one was going through.

"I told my friend to keep her, because I knew you would want to see her for the last time. Come on now." Minho said and stood from Hyunjin's bed, leading the way. The words 'last time' rang in his head as he followed his brother behind.

——— ☾———

They arrived at an old cottage, a little bit further from the Centre. Hyunjin watched as his brother greeted his friend and he invited both of them in. However, as he was about to step inside the house. His heart was beating rapidly, he was feeling the uncontrollable sadness again.

Minho looked over the younger one, concerned.  He put a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Are you sure you want to do this? We can always come another time. Don't worry, we'll keep her body here-"

"I want to see her." He was firm.

Hyunjin inhaled a deep breath and followed his brother's friend as he led them to a room at far end of the cottage. His friend opened the door which led to an empty space, but far up front there was some sort of high wooden table and on it a coffin.

He gulped, his heart was racing, he wasn't ready. Hyunjin looked to his left and he saw a look of sadness splashed upon his brother's face. Minho understood him well and he appreciated it.

"You don't have to, if you're not ready." Minho worriedly said. Hyunjin looked back at the coffin, then at his brother. He was silent for a second, "It's alright, I want her to have a proper burial. Just give me a moment." He said.

Minho and his friend left the room to Hyunjin. Hyunjin stared blankly at the coffin in front of him, he braved himself and took steps forward. He saw her hanging a few weeks ago, but he was still not ready to embrace the fact. Although he knew that one day he had to, and that day was today.

As he got closer, he became very nervous. He then stopped when he was finally standing in front of her body. Hyunjin looked down inside the coffin, she was wearing a new pale blue dress, he had never seen it before so it must've been Minho's doing.

Her hair was perfectly combed, she also had the coat he gave her and the boots as well. Hyunjin's eyes trailed down to her neck, he could see bruises around it, from the rope. He brought his hand up to touch it, before he knew it, his tears dropped on her face.

Hyunjin looked up, and wiped the tears off his cheeks. He laughed sadly, he never thought this was the end for them. After he wiped most of the tears flowing down his cheeks, he looked down on the body again.

The sadness was unbearable, instead of a painful expression from a horrid death, Maru was frowning at all, she had a soft expression with a mild smile on her face. His eyes travelled down to her hands on her torso, in between her fingers was a wooden sculpture, a nightingale.

He felt undeniably happy that she held on to it until her last breath. The silence between them was killing him, he wanted to talk to her, held on to her but it was all too late. She was gone, he was left alone now. He had never thought that he wished to never sleep again, just to hear her sing once more.

"I miss you," he stopped as tears started to form in his eyes. "I hope you're in peace, I'm proud of you and I will always be here for you. You're were alone once, but you're not anymore. I love you." Hyunjin placed a kiss on her forehead and left the room.

——— ☾———

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