Chapter 14 ~ 14th of February 2007

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"Demi I made something for you." I said after a while. "What's it?" Demi asked. "Well, it's not just 'something'. It's a song. Made for you, because it's Valentine's Day." I said. "You wrote a song for me?" Demi asked surprised. I nodded. I grabbed my guitar from my back. "That's why I brought this guitar." I said. Demi smiled. I started playing.

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I Miss You - Shanon Brooks (©fxllinline)

[Verse 1]
I never noticed you,
I was too busy with trying to be cool.
I always tried to fit in,
But then I realised I needed you.

You were the one that taught me,
To follow my dreams.
You were the one that inspired me,
To just be me.

I'm sorry, for everything.
I never wanted to hurt you.
You ran away from me,
Left me alone,
It's not that I would knew.

It's dark and cold without you around,
I realize I need the sound of your voice,
Telling me what to do.
Ooh I miss you.

Yeah I miss you.
Please come back,
Because I miss you.

[Verse 2]
I always helped you, I kept the faith.
It's not just something you can erase.
It literally breaks me to see what you
Currently are going through.

You were the one that trusted me,
And I never let you down.
I were the one that ruined it,
But please don't let me drown.


I don't deserve you by my side,
So I think that it's the best.
If we move on with our lifes
And leave it in the past.

I'm sorry, for everything.
I never wanted to hurt you.
You ran away from me, left me alone.
It's not that I would knew.

It's dark and cold without you around.
I realized I need the sound of your voice,
Telling me what to do.
Ooh I'll miss you.

Yeah I'll miss you.
I know I'll miss you..

I stopped playing and looked at Demi. She looked at me with big eyes. "I.. I don't know what to say.." She said. She looked away. She sat down and stared at the sunset. I sat down next to her and looked at her. "Remember that first day we spoke to each other?" I asked. Demi looked at me. "Yeah.. why?" She asked. "I told you certain things." I said. Demi nodded. "Why would I lie about those things to someone, if I wouldn't like it either if someone lied about that to me?" I asked. Demi looked at the ground. She didn't say anything. "And all those times, where I helped you when Sarah and Kayla bullied you. Why would I even put effort in helping you, if I didn't like you?" Demi shrugged. She looked sad. "Demi.." I said. Demi looked at me. "Sarah and Kayla made that petition. Not me." I said. "How am I supposed to believe you..?" Demi asked carefully. I started laughing. "I don't think Kayla or Sarah would ever write a song for you, to take you to this place and still lie." I said. Demi laughed. "That's true.." She said. "Besides that, my name wasn't even on the petition. Only in the sentence at the end, but if I really made that, I would've put my name on the first place. And guess who's name was on the first place?" I said. I grabbed the petition out of my pocket and showed it to Demi. "See?" I said. "Sarah and Kayla are on the first two places." Demi said. Her cheeks became a little red. She sighed. "I'm so sorry, Shanon... I should've believed you back then. I don't deserve to be friends with you." She said with tears in her eyes. "It's okay." I said. "No, it's not okay. I ruined everything. I didn't believe you and now I'm getting homeschooled while you're still between Sarah and Kayla and all other people who put their name on the petition." Demi said. "Demi, you didn't ruin anything. Your choice to get homeschooled, was one of the better choices, because you can focus on your career now. I'll be fine at school." I said. Demi looked at me and wiped away a tear. "Are you sure?" She asked. I nodded. "I'm planning on choosing for other subjects so I'll get in another class. Besides that, Sarah and Kayla aren't the popular girls anymore." I said. Demi nodded and looked at the sunset again. After a few minutes she grabbed the petiton from the ground. "What are you going to do with it?" I asked. "Watch this." She said. She stood up and searched for some sticks, grass and leaves. She layed everything in the center of the path and started moving the sticks. I stood up as well. "What's your plan? I don't get it." I said. Suddenly the thing Demi built started smoking. After a few more minutes I saw flames. Demi looked at me with a sneaky smile, tored the petition in pieces and threw all the pieces into the fire. I started laughing. "Now that's away to end this chapter of life." I said. Demi ran up to me with a big smile and gave me a long, tight hug. "I've missed you, Shanon." She said after a few minutes. "I've missed you too." I said. "I actually wanted to give you something on Valentine's Day, but.. I think I lost it.." Demi said. I grabbed a piece of paper out of my pocket and gave it to Demi. She opened it. "Where did you find this?" She asked surprised. "My brother found it in the attic. I'm actually glad he gave it to me, because that encouraged me to do this." I said. Demi smiled and gave me a second hug.

Suddenly someone's phone started buzzing. Demi took her phone out of her pocket. "What's up?" I asked. "My mom. She says dinner is ready." Demi said with a sigh. "Oh.." I said. "How are we gonna put out the fire?" Demi asked. I started laughing. "You know how to make a fire, but not how to put it out?" I asked. Demi nodded. "Well.. That's a good question actually. I have no idea." I said. We both started thinking and searching for used water bottles in the bushes. We couldn't find anything. Luckily on that moment someone walked by. "Saved by the runner." Demi said. I laughed. "Excuse me, sir?" I asked. The man walked up to us. "Can I help you?" He asked. Demi nodded. "Do you have water for us?" She asked. "Yeah, why?" The man asked. "We want to put out the fire." I said while pointing at the fire behind us. The man nodded and handed out his waterbottle. "Thankyou!" I said. The man started running again and said goodbye. I opened the bottle and threw all the water on the fire. It went out immediately. "Good job." Demi said. "Let's go home." I said. Demi nodded and we started walking. "Thanks, Shanon." Demi said while we were walking down the hill. "For what?" I asked. "For never giving up on me, even though I didn't believe you." I smiled. "And you thanks for listening to my bad song and voice." I said. I started laughing. Demi stopped walking. "Stop right there." She said. I looked at her. "What?" I asked. "Your song is not bad. It's really good! And your voice? You got a gift, I'm telling you!" Demi said. "I'm not too sure about that.. Are you serious?" I asked. "Yeah! You gotta record that song or something. Maybe you can use that website as well!" Demi said. "Maybe I will.." I said. Demi nodded and we walked further.

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