[S01E22] "Love and Hamburgers"

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Rick and Liz parked the car just outside of Venice Beach in a little Mexican neighborhood. As they got out, Rick stretched his arms out to the sky and shouted, "I'm home!" He then got down on his hands and knees and began loudly kissing the street. He just as quickly got up and began wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

"Blech! Bum poop," he spit on the ground a few times. "Can I get one of those wet-nap things out of your purse?"

She was happy to oblige him.

They grabbed some Out and About Burger, to go, and strolled along the beach. It was colder then Liz thought it would be. The sand was dark and gritty. There was a strong salty wind that came off of the water that made her want to squint. The boardwalk was alive with people. Music mixed with the screams of playing children, crashing waves, and salty air.

They walked out to the edge of a wooden pier that was gray and weathered. At the very end, it widened into a large square, they leaned against its fenced in edge facing the vast Pacific Ocean. The sun was low enough now that the sails of passing ships could block it out and it made the sunlight flicker on their faces.

They ate burgers and sipped on soda mixed with whiskey. Rick was right. The burgers were damn good, but it wasn't about the burgers anymore.

Rick crumpled up a burger wrapper and tossed it in the box.

"That's it, Liz."

"What's it, Rick?"

"That's the last sunset we had left to drive into. From now on, sunrises will have to do, if you're up for it, that is."

Liz smiled and sipped on her soda. She closed her eyes and let the last bits of sunlight catch her face before they escaped across the ocean.

"I like sunrises," said Liz. 

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