Full name: Chloe  G. Rose

Ability: All of them (you'll find out later what I mean)

Magic: Summoning wolves, gods and legendary animals

Occupation: Student at Akadami highschool

Parents: Deceased

Personality: Super sweet. But when someone messes with her friends  or family she goes insane. She's even worse when someone messes with her crush she goes Yandere all the way. Loves reading romance, listens to Kpop.

Looks: Silver hair that goes down to her waist, gold eyes that could replace the sun, pale skin, strawberry  colored lips. Usually wears a small sweater with jeans also wears heels.

Likes: Friends, Crush, food,  her brother, tablet,computer, her knives,
and Ships(especially Fairy Tail)

Dislike: Cantaloupe , Cauliflower, Wrong ships

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