Episode 10: Meeting the Boys

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"oh ok, cya around Kookie" with that he left. I sighed and continued what I was doing. However this time in a moody mod.

Yoongi Oppa got back home and headed toward his room. To get his stuff I guessed. I got all my stuff ready when he was gone. I was nervous but excited to meet his friends. Not just seeing them around, but actually talking to them. I know who he hangs with, but I've never properly met them.
"Are you ready?" Yoongi Oppa said, which made me jump. He laughed as he seen that he had scared me.

"Yah~! don't do that you scared me!" I said as I pouted as I grabbed the shirt where my heart would be. He just giggled at me.

I nodded to let him know that I was ready. "Ok, good! We will leave in like 5 minutes so make sure you have everything. Okay." I nodded and went to my room and went through my bag again to make sure I have everything just like Oppa told me to. I saw that I had everything and headed back downstairs.

I saw Woozi on the coach watching TV. I sat beside him and watch the show with him until Yoongi Oppa called my name while he was standing by the front door. "We'll be back tomorrow Woozi! Bye."he yelled to Woozi.

"Ok hyung, see you tomorrow!" Woozi yelled back.

Hoseok's POV
We were just waiting for Yoongi to get here and everyone would be here. Jungkook was the only who said he wouldn't come. Wonder why but oh well. We were making small talk while we waited and then the door bell sounded. I hopped up to get the door and I saw Yoongi and someone hiding behind him. "Yoongi! Did you really bring one of your girlfriends with you!" I said angrily.

"Shut the fuck up! This isn't my girlfriend!.. Y/n stop hiding come from out from behind me." He shouted at me then told the girl to come out. Her name sounds familiar, but where have I heard it, then the girl can out. I was shocked to see Jungkook's 'girlfriend' come out from behind him. "Ummmm..... hyung Jungkook isn't coming. Why did you bring her here?" I said with a confused look.

"Ah~ pabo, don't you think I know that! This is Y/n my COUSIN." He said. I stood there shocked.

"Why didn't you tell us that she's you cousin?" I said shocked. Yoongi is usually protective of his family. And he's letting Jungkook date his cousin, something isn't right here.

" I didn't know until this weekend" he explained. Now it makes sense.
I nodded and moved from the door so they could come in.

Taehyung's POV
When Hoseok came from the door there was two people that were following him. One was Yoongi hyung and the other was a....girl? Oh wait that's Jungkooks girlfriend, Y/n? Why is she here? "Guys Yoongi hyung and HIS COUSIN are here!" Hoseok said to let us know why she was here. I still don't know why he brought her. More importantly, why he didn't tell us that she's his cousin.

"I found out this weekend." he said as he knew our question of him not telling us. We all nodded.

"Hi Y/n! It's nice to meet you!" I called over to her.

"Oh! Hi, Taehyung?"

"Yup, but call me Oppa." I said as I winked at her.

"Call us all Oppa and I'm Namjoon."

"Hi!" She replied back.

"Jimin!" Jimin hyung said waving at her.

"I'm your hope, I'm your angle! I'm Jhope. Or you know Hoseok!"

"Hi Jimin, Jhope" she said with a small giggle as she winked  at Hoseok hyung.

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