Chapter 3 - The first shift

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Authors note : hey everyone I'm not gonna be uploading as fast as i have, instead I'm going to be getting the chapters bigger so you get more out of each one :)- hopefully soon all chapters will be about 4 pages long, I'm also going to be trying out with more description so let me know if i go too over-the-top :P

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We drove for about 15 minutes longer, I lazily watched out the window tree after tree, field after field, ( I was a city boy, I lived in an industrial jungle, the only tall structures being towers, trees not too common,) before turning into the biggest house ive ever seen  , you could tell it was quite modern just by looking at it  massive windows , solar panels covering the roof, and the front garden so grand that  the Queen of England herself would enjoy living here,  around of backs and sides of the house there was a huge forest , quite intimidated by the size of this house  i quickly asked " what is the alpha like ?"


Marks POV

"Wait 'till ya see him !" Frank replied menacingly, looking at me and receiving the nervous reaction he had hoped to achieve,

"Don't listen to him" Gemma  retorted and laughed,  she then continued confidently  " this pack is actually recognised as one of the safest and largest packs in the whole of America , In fact ,im pretty sure the world ! " i just watched as her face swelled with pride at being the Alpha female of the pack, and i could establish that she was a favoured Alpha female with her kind voice and comforting tone.

She turned to Frank, "did you say you was coming in for a bit or are you going home straight away ?", he held a grim look on his face, " i've just got to speak with Alpha Simmons and then i will be off , have a good night Gemma ."

"You too Frank !" she then turned to me. " come on you ! while they have thier  talk i want to get to know you , by the way do you like meatloaf ?"

i just looked at her confused , "What is that ? A loaf of meat ?" , she just gasped ! "What the hell do you eat in England ?! , come on , i will cook you some of my famous meatloaf" and grabbed my arm yanking me inside the Mahogany front doors.

I halted immediately  as i took in my surroundings, it was a beautiful Corinthian room with a polished white Floor, The left side of the room was furnished with about 500 or more Leather chairs all set out in a semi-circular shape facing a raised Light brown podium at the far end which held a small Microphone, At the other side of this impressive room was illustrious windows which shown the beautiful grassy garden which led off to the huge forest. The room was split into 2 sections by large vaulted columns which ran all the way up to the palatial roof..

"Marco ! if your like this in every room we will never get to the kitchen !" she remarked rolling her eyes,

"Marco ? my name is Mark."

She just grinned " well , I'm going to call you Marco, i think it suits you ",

I submitted with an eyeroll "Fine " , i enjoyed the banter, she was  one of those people you just like straightaway, and i already had a nickname ...

...from the alpha female...

           ...of one of the largest packs in the world...

                                                                                   less than a day !

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