~*Chapter 6*~

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Jess's POV

When we got to the castle, Jason didn't let me stare at it, and pushed me inside the building, dragging me up to my room in the tallest tower, my friends tailing behind us.

My room was as I left it:

Purple walls, purple bed in the middle of the room, balcony with white transparent curtains. A white dresser, a bathroom, my stuffed animals, basically, kind of imagine a purple room with a large purple bed with a door leading off to a bathroom, dresser, and toys everywhere, mainly plushies.

And a huge picture of the family. And the table next to my bed with my old journal, a lamp for reading, my purple ink pen, and my favorite two books: my favorite book to read, The Courage of Cat Campbell(it's a real book), and my favorite spell book, Colorful Spells That Are Strange And Sometimes Useful. Yeah, I'm a witch. The others have powers like mine, their all wizards or witches.

I stared at the picture of the family.

"Jess?" Jason asked, placing his hand gently on my shoulder.

"Mom just wanted to protect me. Told me to run, that in a day, she'd catch up to me. So I got in my shortest, plainest, lightest dress people wouldn't notice me in, put on sneakers, took off my crown, and did something I never did, just so that people wouldn't find me: I put my hair down."

"But Jess, your hair was always in a french braid, or had some hairstyle."

"I know,  but when it was down, I realized something. I undid my braid when we got to the house we bought. I realized something, something that filled me with joy, made me scream, jump, and cry from joy. I'd never been happier."

"What is it?"

Aaron's POV

Okay. So the girls are going to be Aph's new "handmaidens", while the boys will be her personal "guards". We already got the jobs, and Lucinda used magic to make us look different. It's not like Aph will notice, anyway.

We got to the tower, and were told to stand outside her door, while Prince Jason finished up with her.

The group, the Sky Army, I think, walked up, and through the door. I stopped Sky, I think his name is.

"Excuse me, what do you think your doing?" Max, I believe, asked.

"The King said nobody could go in, except for under special circumstances."

Max and Sky looked at me, and Max said, "Look Rookie. I've known Jess since we were four. Saved her from bullies. Jin is her freaking older brother. Protected her when I couldn't. Shelby and Ross are cousins, and Ross makes Jess laugh, while Shelby is Jess's best friend. They met her at five, when I introduced them to her, and I met Ross at three. Red and Barney were besties, and met Jess at six, when she defended Barney from the bullies when they made fun of his accent, and stole his apple, along with Red's. But Jess got them back, and Jess is so glad they're here for her."

Sky looked at me, waiting for Max's explanation about himself. Max looked at him, as if waiting for approval. Sky nodded.

"And then there's Sky. Or Adam, as Sky is a made up name he created for himself. Same thing with Jess. Just created a fake name during our childhood, and we roll played with it. Always wondered where she got the name Aphmau. Anyway, Adam met Jess when they were seven. Adam.... Adam was already our friend, but hated Jess. I don't know why. Then, Adam got bullied. Jess lashed out, and we all discovered that she was a witch. Bright, white light shot out of her hands, and she screamed. When the light disappeared, she fell onto her knees, and sobbed. Cried, knowing she shouldn't have done that. She was ashamed. Adam came over, and hugged her. He said something to her, something that shocked her, and made her feel welcome."

"What is it?" I asked.

Adam, or Sky, finished.

"I took off my sunglasses-nobody other than family knew what my eyes looked like- I stared at her with my golden eyes, and said to her-" he choked.

"I have powers too- we all do- and I love you with everything I have."


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