Mikey x Reader

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(y/n)'s P.O.V

i was running on the rooftops to get to the lair to hang with the guys when i saw 6 shadows 'hmm shreeder,fishface,baxter,razoro,Tigerclaw,and Kari no they look difrent Wait its the guys,april,and casey!' i thought as i cheaked my bag for my watter ballons and silly string 'silly string cheak, water ballons cheak, chease string? what ever' i thought as i ran over being as sneeky as posibal i then hid behined the sheed on the roof and waited for them to lok my way then it happend leo tured in the direction Katanas in hand and bam he got dowsed with a water ballon "what the shell!!" he screamed as i jumed out and pelted everyone exept Raph with water "hahah your all dreanched!!" he shouted as he dobled over lafing "oh Raph geuse what?" i said "wha?" he asked lookiong at me as i pulled a huge ballon out and through it at him and covered him with the silly string and chease in a can "oh ya better run now" he said as he got his Sia out "Mikey help" i screemed as i ran behined him "Raph bro chill she's just goofing of cause she's bord." he said as he put his hands out and gave him the Puppy eyes "...fine but you gotta stop playin video games for a month" Raph said "ugh whatever hey (Y/N) whant me to take you home?" Mikey asked "yeah." i said

Mikey's P.O.V

as we walked we talked about randome stuff like food video games and skatebording along with music. "hey mikey, um... thanx for walking me home" (Y/n) said as she opend the window of her living room "hey, no problemo." i told her next thing i know she kissed me on the cheak "by Mikster see you tomarow." she said and shut the window

'im in love!!' i thought as i walked home


hey Love's sorry i didn't update on monday but i had a docters apouintment and a game along with school so when i got home it was like 9 and i needed to take a shower so it's like ugh so i got out at like 10 and i was pooped i whant to make a shout out to Alwa2005 for reading most of my books and being an amazing girl!!! #your-my-fave!!! and also i typed this myself becaus my hands are healed half way so i can use them i just have to keep them bandeged for 2 more days!

By Loves ~Marcellus

by people _Zane yes im here i helped her with ideas for this chapter!!!

by fellow vewers - Ty the only reason i am here is becaus i am hanging with my baby bro and sis!!!! and im gonna have to force Mar to go to bed so by!!

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