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Klaras P.O.V

"K-Kellina?" I whispered, not believing that it was her in front of me.

"Klara," she breathed, her honey orbs wide.

"H-ho are you so skinny K-," I tried to stop my head from spinning to focus on her. How long was I out for?

"It's Jamie," she whispered.

"I-I w-what-" I couldn't find the words to speak. She was alive? She was here in front of me? Or was this a dream?

"H-how?" I asked, my voice shaky.

"I-I was swept out by the waves and I got washed two beaches down near the Djuriks house,"

"I-I tried looking for you," I cried feeling slightly relieved she was alive yet completely confused.

"I tried calling out but the waves kept sweeping me under,"

"I should've looked up not down," I groaned, regretting my decision.

"I saw you save Kellina,"

"I-I'm So Sorry Jamie," I whispered, walking towards her unsteadily and wrapping my arms around her. She's real. She's alive. She's okay. I held onto her skinny body. She looks exactly like Kellina except she was really skinny, her skin was dirty and dry and her hair was greasy and really short. I could feel her crying in my arms. I held her tighter.

"Is she okay?"

"She's okay," I replied.

"I miss her so much,"

"She misses you too Jamie,"

"I-I can't believe I-you found me," she cried into my shoulder.

"I-I didn't," I whispered. Jamie stepped back, wiping her tears.

"I don't know where I am or how I got here,"

"Do you know anything?" I asked.

"I only know we're with the Djuriks. Mr Djurik usually comes in three times a day looking for answers," she choked, her hands shaking.

"What has he done?" I asked, looking over her body. Jamie looked down at her hands.

"Jamie," I whispered, thinking of all the worst things he could've done to her. Did he hurt her? Did he abuse her? Rape her? Attack her?

"Everything on your mind," she whispered, her eyes meeting mine. Jamie's eyes were always different to Kellina's. Jamie's eyes showed so much emotion and happiness, whereas Kellina's was usually scared or less emotional. Jamie's eyes were full of so much hurt that it made my heart break. They looked exactly like Kellina's did when she found out Jamie died. All of these years and we didn't know she was alive. We stopped looking. We didn't think there was a chance for her to be alive. How am I going to tell Kellina? This could either break or make her. How am I going to get out of here?


Kellina's P.O.V

I haven't stopped thinking about Klara. It's been a few weeks since I last saw her. I know the Djuriks have something to do with it but I can't pin point what they'd do. They've always been a horrible money hungry family. I've tried contacting them but nothing. They're being quiet. Too quiet. Ashley has been trying to ask me what I did to her girlfriend but I don't reply. I have no answers for her.

"What are you thinking about?" Zoè asked, slowly making her way into the room.

"Nothing," I smiled, moving over so she could sit on the window seat with me. She looked out the window and furrowed her eyebrows.

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