I NEED ships

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If I join a fandom I NEED ships. NEED!

Cause I can't find an actual ship in Lolirock except Iris and Nathaniel

There's Mephisto who HAS to be shipped with somebody. HAS TO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. HAS TO

Now some people ship him with Talia (most people)

Others with Iris

And others with Auriana

And I don't see anything going on with these ships



At least they're not shipping him with Carissa or Lyna. That's good

But Praxina has more fights with Iris. And more fights with Talia. And more fights with Auriana. And hates them more. And she's not shipped with one of them (why? cuz they gay shippzzz)

And because this fandom doesn't really have any ships other than Iris and Nate (And Talia and Kyle, and Amaru with that dog named snowflake) I'm going insane

I started shipping Mephisto with someone no one would agree with. Not even me. But I ship him with that person and nooooooooo

Again sorry for the spam

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