Kazuno Sarah x Short! Trap! Female! Reader x Matsuura Kanan

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Competitors In Love

Third Person POV

(F/N) (L/N), the girl that didn't surpassed the 4' 11'' (1.52 meters), that same girl that was often mistook for a boy thanks to her short hair and lack of any feminine complexions in her body, that same girl who was now in a tight situation without even her noticing it.

Do not take hurried conclusions, she is not dense at all but she isn't a genius either in love issues, despite her being popular in the past at her previous school due to the fact that her looks made everyone to think that she was actually a boy and it doesn't help that she wore the male uniform rather than the female one.

She would have done it again if it wasn't for the chairwoman of Uranohoshi that, first of all since it was an all-girls school they didn't have a male uniform and second, even if they had it apparently Mari didn't want her to wear pants instead of a skirt. (Y/N) still dared to bring pants below the skirt, that little offense to the uniform made Dia to call her to the Student Council and gave her a punishment for it.

Since that day, she had to wear a skirt inside school grounds but outside she looked like a boy, the cute little boy that everyone wanted to take care and gave him lots of things, everyone inside of Uranohoshi wants to record the faces of the entire city when they realize that she is a girl.

But even though her looks or her short height and maybe her popularity, someone fell in love with her. Someone who would normally stay in control of the situation and to be calm the majority of time, someone who almost everyone that knew her wanted to be like, that someone was no one but Matsuura Kanan. That diver who loved nature dared to wish somebody else and even to ignore those feelings the best she could and to hide them away from everyone, she forgot something, everyone including her has a breaking point.

It wasn't until a day when (Y/N) went with all of Aquors to Tokyo for their first live in there that she will reach it. While they were trying to pray at a temple in front the stairs the legendary ex-school idols Muse trained, they encountered two girls. The Kazuno sisters, better known in Tokyo as St. Snow wearing their school uniforms.

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