1. Dieter- Rejection

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"I-I like you...!" Dieter said, nervously. I was shocked. I almost cried.

"...Shin-Ae!" I started to cry. Why did it have to be her? Why not me? I sniffed as I bounded across the field, grabbing my bag and going to my apartment. I slammed the door shut and slid down the wall, sobbing into my sleeve. I stayed in the same spot until the sun set. I still didn't move. All through the night, I stayed awake, clutching my head and taking heavy breaths. What I didn't know was that I was slowly killing myself starting from today.


Every. Single. Day. I was bruising myself, hurting myself, having these horrible thoughts. I never cut skin, because I was too afraid to.

"This is why no one likes you, you're a freak."

"You're a mistake."

"You SHOULD hate yourself."

"You wuss."

"Dieter chose Shin-Ae for a reason."

"I'll never be that special girl."

(Timeskip to the next day)

I couldn't look at the fair-skinned German, I couldn't meet his eyes, even for a second. It was lunchtime, I was sitting alone, under a grand oak tree. I sighed and tilted my head up. I felt someone sit next to me.

"Why are you avoiding me, (Y/N)?" they asked. I gasped. I would know that lovely voice anywhere.

"D-Dieter?" I stuttered, "Wh-What are you doing here?" I cringed. Why did I have to be so weird?

"Well, you've been ignoring me for the past week, and I don't know why? We used to be friends..." he muttered, furrowing his brows. I winced and looked at my lap.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, "I am so, so sorry." He looked at me in surprise.

"I-I just... I messed everything up," I said, tears sliding down my rosy cheeks. Dieter sighed and engulfed me in a hug.

"What's wrong, (Y/N)?" he said in his rich German accent. I got shudders just from hearing his voice, and this close, too.

"W-Well..." I started, "Say there's this person that you loved, but they love someone else. They haven't gotten over them yet, and you still love that one individual. You tried and tried to forget them and be happy that they're not interested in you, but you can't." Dieter sighed.

"I can't say the same thing. But, there's also this person that I adored, after my... dilemma. She's sweet, caring, always a go-getter. She's helped me deal with tough times in my life, but... lately she's been ignoring me, and I don't know why. I realized after Shin-Ae rejecting me, that... I loved her all along," Dieter said, smiling at the memory. I laughed bitterly.

"Who is it, Dieter?" He looked at me and smiled, holding up a beautiful purple rose.

"It's you, (Y/N)," he said calmly, pointing across the courtyard. Three SPECIAL guys (who are about to get a beating later) were holding up signs. They said: "(Y/N)! WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" I smiled and laughed, hugging Dieter. He chuckled back, embracing me. I planted my lips on his and gave him a sweet kiss. After a few moments of pausing, he kissed back, wrapping his arms around me. After we separated, we heard wolf-whistles from across the courtyard. I blushed and squeezed the German's hand.

"I love you Dieter."

"I love you too, (Y/N)."


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