Chapter 1

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Hades' POV

I sighed and looked at the my bowl of cereal, giving serious thought to skipping breakfast for the rest of my endless life if it meant Demeter would stop feeding me cereal. Not having to endure my son and wife having their normal morning argument would be an added bonus. I wasn't listening to what they were saying until Persephone ran out of the room, crying.

"Why you horrible little...,"Demeter began but she seemed unable to think a word foul enough to describe my son or anyone who made her daughter cry so instead she turned to me. I decided now was a good time to get my son out of the room.

"Nico, you're excused. Go to your room and stay there." I ordered. Nico calmly rose.

"Yes, Father," he said, before walking out.

Nico's POV

I walked into my bedroom and laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. As usual, Persephone and I had been arguing, Persephone had started crying, Demeter had gotten mad, and Dad had sent me to my room. Now I had to wait for Dad to come and yell at me. It's not like I started the fight, Persephone did that. Of course, though no one reprimanded Persephone, just me.

I didn't even notice my dad standing in the doorway until he said my name, "Nico." I nearly fell off my bed. Would it kill him to knock?

"Nico, why do you always have to fight with Persephone?" he asked me.

I sat up and looked at my father, "I don't know. What does she always have to start fights?"

My father folds his arms and glares at me a little, "You start as many as she does, if not more, and you could choose to ignore her."

"Why should I have to be the adult? I'm sixteen and she's like a gazillion years old?" I asked.

"You know Persephone's sensitive," he told me sternly.

"You know I'm a typical angry teenager," I shot back. My father's eyes blazed for a second with anger. Oops. This was why I hated having conversations with my dad; I always said something that made him angry. When Dad gets mad, I get punished.

"Fine, if you're going to act like a child I'll treat you like one. You are not allowed to leave the Underworld for the next two weeks, no shadow-travelling either and you not to enter Elysium to visit your mother for that time period either," he told me.

Wow. He could be harsh, but he'd never restricted me to the Underworld for more than five days. Two whole weeks? I glared at my father. Not the best idea I've ever had but it happens. "Wow, Dad, what if I actually do something worse than argue? This, by the way, is not worth the pile of punishments you just heaped on me."

"And you can stay in your room until you're ready to apologize to both Persephone and me for your attitude," he added.

"But I have chores!" I exclaimed. Dad had a very long list of things to do when I was in the Underworld. He said it was so I could learn about his domain, I was pretty sure it was things he just didn't feel like doing. They were supposed to be done before dinner. He'd been so pissed when I'd failed to do everything that I'd taken to skipping lunch to make sure everything got done.

"Yes, you do and the sooner you can get to them," Hades told me. Then he disappeared.

FML. I knew he'd extend my grounding if I didn't get all my chores done. I had two every insincere apologies to mutter unless I wanted to be grounded for a month.


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