Chapter 2

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Percy Jackson was about to have a panic attack.

Annabeth, Clarisse, and Percy were following Chiron to the Big House solemnly -not so much Clarisse, whom insisted that Chiron would pay dearly if he punished her for what had just happened.

"I am the one in charge of this camp, Clarisse. You have been here long enough to know how it works around here. I do not think you are in any position to be making threats against me." Chiron answered tensely without ever looking back to look at Clarisse.

Percy let himself hang back behind the other three, needing time to try and calm himself down. He needed to clear his head and think about how he was going to explain everything to Chiron -and if Chiron made good on his threat, how was Percy going to explain it all to Poseidon?

Hey Dad. Sorry Chiron had to call you from your busy schedule. I just got into a bit of trouble for abusing my powers to win a fight with Clarisse, despite how many times Chiron has warned me against it. Now, listen, I had good reason to use my powers all those times! I was either defending my girlfriend or just trying to give that stupid daughter-of-Ares a taste of her own medicine. Make sense?

Percy shook his head. No, not really. Goddamnit. Today is the day I die.

"Hey," Annabeth whispered and Percy flinched. He hadn't heard her approach him. "Are you okay, Percy?"

He nodded and tried for a smile. "I'm fine, Annabeth. Now, I know that you are, like, the best fighter ever, but are YOU okay? Clarisse didn't hurt you right?"

Annabeth giggled. "No, she didn't hurt me. She barely even got to touch me! Some daughter of Ares she is."

At that, Percy smiled. He agreed that, while Clarisse's natural aggressiveness came from having the War God as her father, she wasn't as tough as everyone thought she was.

"Percy, Annabeth, keep up please." Chiron chided. Percy and Annabeth looked up and realized that they were now several feet behind Chiron and Clarisse.

"Sorry." Percy muttered, grabbing Annabeth's hand and speeding up to be just behind Clarisse.

"You will pay for this, Jackson." Clarisse growled. She looked between Annabeth and Percy. "You BOTH will." She turned away from them before either one could even mutter a retort and continued walking, her back to them the rest of the way to the Big House.

Annabeth rolled her eyes and Percy shrugged. He eyed Annabeth and wondered why she didn't look as nervous as he was.

"Annabeth," He said, nudging her slightly. When she looked at him, he continued, "Aren't you worried? This isn't the first time Clarisse has gotten into a brawl with us."

Annabeth shrugged. "What's the worse Chiron can do? Ground us for a longer while than he usually does? It's not like he'll call our parents or anything."

Percy looked away and scratched the back of his head. "Actually..."

Annabeth gazed at Percy with wide, shocked eyes. "What makes you think he'd do that, Percy?"

Percy sighed and fingered the edge of his shirt. "Last time I used my powers against Clarisse, Chiron told me that if it happened again, he would call in my mother. Maybe even my father. That's what's got me so worried now."

Annabeth looked like she was going to either laugh or cry. "Chiron threatened to bring POSEIDON here?" At my nod, she let out a long breath. "Looks like he's really serious about this 'No Fighting' thing... Damn, do you think he'll summon Athena because of me?"

Percy shrugged. It probably wouldn't even matter if Chiron summoned Annabeth's mother down for her -Athena wasn't like Poseidon. She would probably praise Annabeth for handling the combat so well and for sticking up for someone she loved. Especially since the person she was up against was a child of Ares, and the fact that she was winning would fill Athena with pride only a mother -and only the Goddess of War- could have.

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