Chapter 1

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It was just an ordinary day at Camp Half-Blood for Percy Jackson.

Wake up; eat breakfast; meet up with Annabeth and Grover; Practice archery; sword-fight; play Capture the Flag. The usual.

Until Clarisse decided to show up.

"Yo, Seaweed Brain!" Clarisse LaRue, daughter of Ares, yelled across the pavilion. Percy stiffened.

Without turning around, he called back, "Only Annabeth can call me that, Clarisse." Percy knew that when his girlfriend called him Seaweed Brain, she used it as a term of endearment -but when Clarisse tried to call him that, it was meant as an insult.

Clarisse sneered and took a few long strides to shorten the distance between Percy and herself. Once she was close enough, she tapped him on the shoulder and waited for him to turn around.

Percy, who had been talking to his half-brother, Tyson -who also happened to be a Cyclops -paused for a moment. He knew that if he turned around, Clarisse would take that as an invitation to continue to harass him, just to his face this time. Quite frankly, Percy had had enough of Clarisse and her angry, taunting demeanor that she apparently reserved especially for him. Firmly deciding to not be baited by the brute girl, Percy ignored the persistent tap on his shoulder and resumed his conversation with his favorite brother.

"Anyways, Tyson, I was thinking maybe we should go to the beach. We could ask Dad if he'd let us visit him at his underwater palace while we're there -he might say yes this time, since there's no danger going on right now. How do you like the sound of that? "

"I LOVE IT! I wanna go to the beach and see Daddy!" Tyson clapped his hands eagerly, looking like an exuberant, bouncing little boy. Percy couldn't contain his smile. It was hard not to love Tyson.

"Hey! Percy! I'm trying to get you to look over here, can't you see that? Look at me." Clarisse yelled even though she was standing right behind Percy and knew he could hear her perfectly well, even if she whispered.

Again, Percy tried to ignore her. He remembered what Chiron had told him that last time that he and Clarisse had gotten into a... disagreement.

It had been during Capture the Flag. Percy's team won. Clarisse's team lost. Needless to say, Clarisse hadn't taken that news too well, losing to a son of Poseidon, when her dad was the God of War himself.

"Don't forget, Clarisse, that Percy was on MY team and my mother is Goddess of War. Ares and Athena both own battles and combats, remember? My team had a fair chance -besides it's not anyone's fault if Percy's better than you." Annabeth had argued. Percy had been encouraging her up until that last statement. That was what had sent Clarisse over the edge.

"He is not better than me!" She had shrieked and lunged towards Annabeth, where Percy instinctively stepped in. He knew Annabeth could handle herself just fine against Clarisse, but as her boyfriend, he felt it was his duty to protect her at all costs.

Percy had summoned up the river that they had been standing close to and had initially soaked Clarisse to the core when he threw the entire river at her. One of his favorite things about having the God of the Sea as his father, was that he could control water and make it do his bidding whenever he pleased.

"You'll pay for this, Jackson." Clarisse had threatened. She had stalked off just as Chiron had come galloping towards them. He noticed how Clarisse had been dripping wet, he noticed how the campers laughed, and he noticed how the river was now empty. He had immediately known it had been Percy's doing.

"But, she tried to attack Annabeth! Chiron, I had no choice!" Percy had pleaded when Chiron informed him that he would be grounded to his cabin.

"You could have stopped her another way, Percy. You could have prevented this whole fiasco if you would just learn to control yourself. You can't abuse your powers like this, Percy." Chiron had admonished sharply. "This is your last warning. If you fight with Clarisse again, I will sentence you to no activities for one month instead of one week; and I will have to be calling in your mother. Or perhaps even your father himself."

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