Full Moon

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I had cried myself to sleep, but woke up in hell. I struggled to breathe as I reached up to my neck pulling frantically at the blankets around me. I couldn't think. Everything was on fire. Et hurt to look around the room. I pulled myself to the edge of the bed falling off. I landed on the floor with a thud, my back arched as I held back a scream. I needed to get water, or something to kill the fire. I had started to sweat, dress now constricting me, I reached to my get and tried to pull it over my head. I couldn't get it off quick enough, the corset was still tied. A sudden wave of strength washed over me and I pulled t from the front. The seams stretched then snapped and the fabric of the dress tore along with the corset.

My body was left naked on my floor, withering in pain as the flames licked up my legs engulfing my body. I knew what this was, dragging myself to the window my suspicions were answered. In the dark mysterious sky was a white moon taking up most of the sky, It was full to the brim. There wasn't supposed to be a full moon for another couple of days, I was supposed to have time. I fell to the ground, it felt like I was thrown into a fire, like a pig being roasted. I felt my primal instinct taking over, My nails were growing as I tried to calm down. I howled in pain then turned.

Everything was intensified, the smells, the wants, the heat. I lost control, that I know. I remember ripping the room to shreds, every chair unturned the bedding ruined the walls scratched, the wood shredded. I remember knocking down the door and running down the halls, being chased by my shadow. I remember ruining the kitchen, the guards trying to contain me and my nails cutting their skin. I forgot the rest, until I was met with the golden flames. He stood there in glory, His human form not scared of me. I remember attacking, for he was the pit of my suffering.

His fist enclosed around my neck and I was forced to shift, my body wanted him to engulf me. To touch me and do things I couldn't imagine, my mind was starting to want that too. I looked him straight in the eyes as I hung there, wanting to scream in pain. Tears welled in my eyes ready to fall, but anger took over me again. I kicked out landing my foot in his stomach, as he dropped me I uppercut him in the jaw. He had to take a couple steps back to covering by which I was attacking again. Cutting play time short he kicked me in the knee and I collapsed from the force.

His hands grasped my body, which was still naked. His shirt come over it as he growled as the soldiers. I kneed up to get him off me but as shoed back into the ground. Rope was tied around me arms and I was dragged off. Theo growled in my ear due to the heat waves radiating off me, and as a warning. He was acting on his best behavior around me when we could be doing indecent things on the ground right now.

I howled as the fire got hotter, I felt the burns travel from my legs to my arms. I looked down at my legs there were little indents growing up further and further on my body. Scars from the heat, making their way up my legs to my knees. I pulled on the rope and slightly at first then more and more as the pain got worse and worse. Finally it snapped and I lunged to Brewer. Who was sick of fighting, his fist smashed against my stomach and I flew backwards.

I landed on my front skidding to the edge of a cliff, below us a frozen lake. Dirt strapped my feet and body. My ankle hung off the edge, ready to fall into the water. An inhuman growl escaped my lips and Theo appeared in front of me using his lycanthropy attributes to the fullest. He grabbed me off the ground my wrist in his fist. Then placed a firm kiss on my lips, slowly walking us to the edge. As his rough lips played with mine my body was filled with pleasure, the fire dimmed, and I grasped at his body pulling to mine.

I was pulled away from him, my desperate eyes meeting his deadly ones. "I'm sorry," he growled before giving me a quick shove off the ground.  I reached up to grab the cliff but the dirt broke off. As I fell I saw his body grow smaller and smaller before I was engulfed in the cold. The fire was snuffed, my body broke the ice,  and I was pulled under.

The cold tore me apart, more then the fire. So much that the cold was fire, and the actual fire was dulled. I opened my eyes, and felt the water attack them. I couldn't move my arms or legs to keep me afloat. I was frozen, the cold water had taken away my energy. I was left to die.

I calmly sunk to the bottom, taking in the relief. My eyes felt tired, my body felt sluggish. I slowly let myself close myself, to try and soak in more relief from the fire. To cool the scars that had been burned into my body.

As I closed my eyes and lay at the bottom of the lake everything felt peaceful. For the first time since I was taken I felt...calm. I slowly breathed in forgetting my surrounding, but my breathe was interrupted by hands roughly grabbing me off the floor or the lake.

My eyes shot open as my drowning body was dragged to the surface, my back was against Brewer's side. He held me with one arm around my waist. I was thrown to the ground on my back and immediately I flipped over on my stomach and started coughing. Water splurged from my throat, air blessed my lungs. My hair stuck to my forehead and hung dripping. Slowly, I pushed myself off the ground when I was ready and started to shuffle away.

I was exhausted and sore, my legs still had scars burned in them and my body hurt. "Where are you going?" He didn't bark at me, his voice was just deep and vibrates from chest. He was out of breathe as was I and we were both sopping wet. The little clothes we had on clung to our skin.

"To bed," I replied my voice expressed how tired I was, it was broken. I turned around an looks at him. We both stood there in the moon, wet, cold, exhausted. I held his eye contact, not in a dominating way but telling him we were equals. He nodded at me and I turned to keep walking, but realized it was getting increasingly hard to breathe. I coughed trying to clear my airway of what ever was in it.

My cough did no good, and my vision darkened before I slowly lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Where I looked at the leaves before I completely blacked out.

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