18. Finality

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AN: Hi friends! I thought long and hard about this next chapter, and realized the answer was very simple. I really hope you enjoy this, and than you for asking me to write more haha. This book was coming to its climax, and for me, I figured out this is how I wanted it to end.


"Ben," she said simply as the galaxies threatened to collapse around them. "Am I enough for you?"

He looked at her. "What?"

"Would I make you happy?"

"Why are you asking me this?" He said. "Didn't I just say I loved you?"

She smiled, tears still in her eyes. How was she so calm? "You did. But I need to know that I am enough for you not to get constantly hung up on what if's. This is war. People die every day. We have blood on our hands."

He was staring at the floor.

"Ben," she said, stepping forward. She reached a hand to his cheek. "You're not selfish. You told me your affection would kill us both. I argue that it'll keep us alive."

She saw it when he wavered, when he turned his face to hers.

"I want you to know that you mean so much to me. You give me hope each day, and I don't want you to tear yourself apart because of some silly little man with a Commander for a sister."

She laughed softly. He covered her hand and held it on his cheek. "Rey," he breathed. "The galaxies will fall apart because of us."

"There will always be war. Our actions and our choices won't prevent that. It's a terrible thing—what Nico did to you, to us." She paused. "But Ben, you are enough for me to be content with the worlds as they are. You are enough that I will stand by you and fight for everything we share and believe in."

"Nico will come after us," he told her.

"His sister, too, I know. We represent the Resistance now, after all."

Was it bad for him to smile after learning what they had done? He looked at her deeply and he decided something then.

He decided to do the dangerous thing, the terrifying and possibly foolish thing. He kneeled.

"Rey," he began, watching as her eyes shifted. "You are more than enough. When all this is over, when the war is done and we don't have to worry about Nico and Raz anymore, will you marry me?"

She smiled, sunlight shining off her skin as she pulled him to a stand. "That's a plan I can live for."

She kissed him as the galaxies severed, as fear and terror were tiptoeing at the door, and then—

—grabbed her saber. Not much had changed, really.

He watched her, blinking. Had he really? Had she really?

"Come on," she told him, opening the door. "We'll discuss name changes later."

He grinned like a fool and ran after her, into the chaos that seemed somehow peaceful when she was beside him. He thought of nothing but her. Saw nothing but her. She glowed like hope and joy everything he had ever cared for.

* * *

(Rey Solo, they called her later. He liked that.)

AN: And...the end!

There were a lot of ways this could have gone down, but I decided to keep it simple. The story of Star Wars is this idea that good and evil persist, so it wouldn't be right for Ben and Rey to kill all the bad guys and hip hip hooray the galaxies are saved from all the evils.

I ended it this way so that there's a question of what happens next. Good and bad will always fight, but the point I wanted to make with this entire story was that these two can come together and fight for each other in the midst of it all.

Good gracious it's been a long time coming, but now I can push that completed button!

I'm going to keep writing furiously, and get to another ending with "To The End," a Reylo story that only has two parts uploaded but two more parts saved as drafts.

Thanks for taking a trip with me!

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