The secrets behind A Secret Service

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They say start out with a bang and so I will.

I have no plan on writing a sequel.

Now that you officially hate me I will explain why to the rest of you who haven't gone into a blind rage. I've thought about many scenarios in which the second book could be about, but I don't like any of them and honestly, I never meant for this book to have a sequel. It has always been a stand alone in my mind.

Besides everything I came up with was SUPER depressing, like Link being found out and becoming depressed, Steve dying, Maggie losing the sandwhich shop and Carter being too emotionally fragile to deal with Donavon pulling away (to help Link out) that she breaks up with him. So you know really cheery stuff.

So there will be no sequel and I am sorry to have broken your heart.

(To patch the broken heart I left you a very small deleted scene at the end of this)

Now on to the random things I thought I would share with you about this book! (They are in a completely random and illogical order)

Random Fact #1: I actually wanted this book to be lighthearted. No lie, I didn't think it would end up as sad as it did. Apparently I suck at writing fluffy stuff. Who knew! I guess that all shifted when Steve got shot, Carter's mom came back, Steve signed back on for two more years know...Link is an illegitimate children and Carter has abandonment issues.

Okay, wow I really should have seen this sooner, but still I had hopes it could be a fun book. Clearly I was delusional.


Random fact #2: Did you know that Donovan was actually going to be named Alex??

He was going to be named after Alexander Hamilton. Why? Because most of my main characters have names that pertain to political figures. I'll explain.

Names are huge to me. They hold a lot of weight. This was extremely clear in this story. Did you notice all the different connections in my name choices?

Carter is named after a President and her father is a secret service agent.

Link is short for Lincoln (another president).

Like I said Donovan was going to be named Alex but having two gender neutral names was going to be complicated. Carter was going to call him by his last name, Donovan, anyways so I just changed it to that. Besides Donovan is a much stronger name.

Mason is so named for a really long reason that I won't bore you with. (If you already know why then 😉)

Steve isn't named after a political figure but after Steve McGarrat from Hawaii Five-0 because that's who I based him off of.

Link's mom, Monica, is named after the women who had an affair with Bill Clinton.

Donovan's brothers are all named after Presidents, James (Jimmy Carter) Clint (Bill Clinton) and Brock (Barack Obama)!

So there you have it! My hidden secrets in people's names. Maggie and Maddy are so named because they are soft, sweet sounding names. Yes, I'm aware that they are similar. I will probably change this later on.

I'm thinking Amy instead of Maddy. Thoughts or suggestions?

(Yes, I'm also aware I flipped the spelling halfway through and did Maddie instead of Maddy 🤦🏽‍♀️)

Random Fact #3: Carter's apartment is based on the apartment I stayed in when my sister and I went to D.C.

Was that boring? Yes, but hey I thought I would share it anyways.

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